Michael Tsarion's lectures create well researched and integrated "Holographic Portraits" of the bread crumbs of
covert and hidden of agendas down through history.  His insight in the video set below, gives incredible and in  
depth understanding of the PsyWar perpetrated on the masses.
Michael Tsarion -
Age of Manipulation - 1/3
Michael Tsarion -
Age of Manipulation - 2/3
Michael Tsarion -
Age of Manipulation - 3/3
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7 Future Methods of Mind Control
By Nicholas West     July 1, 2013
The modern methods of mind control are in many ways
merely higher-tech extensions of what always has been
predictably successful: religion, sports, politics,
education, etc.

"The mission of a small “elite” group to control the masses
is nothing new. It has always been a tool implemented in
the form of propaganda used to alter perception and thus
steer the direction of large populations.
With the advent of television, a whole new world was
opened up for would-be controllers, as news media was
easily corporatized and made uniform enough to translate
core messages, while encouraging passivity,..."
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FreemanTv Channel
Wash Your Brain - Hollywood Mind Control


From ancient goddesses to Lady Gaga, culture creation is the method
of rulers to keep children fighting wars. Jamie and Freeman join Wash
Your Brain to open the doors to occult rituals in Hollywood laying
bare the propaganda techniques to help guide our youth out of the
black magic spell.
  • Most people have no idea the extent of psychological warfare oppressing the American people.  It is incredibly intrusive and pervasive in all levels of our
    society.  Our minds are computers without firewalls, there are viruses attacking constantly.  
  • The mega 6 corporate owned media  broadcasting an 'enemy everywhere' attack by television, movies, info-tainment called news, drugs, culture, and EMF
    bombardment by HAARP, all play a part in the constant assault on the average person.  
  • Widespread fear of the 'fake boogey man' haunts us, but most are kept in the dark of the news people need to know to survive as healthy and whole beings.
Psychological Warfare
> HAARP "EMF" Power Generator & "Supposed" Non-Lethal Weaponry  
Education System  > Medical System  > Television & Movie "Programming"                  
 Mega-Corp Mass Media "Fear-Mongering" Propaganda > Internet Censorship & Copyright Gestapo             
Psychotropic Drugs  > Vaccinations > Fluoridated Water  > War on Terror  > War on Drugs > War On YOU!
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