Want more on "Fast & Furious?"

Is there more more on Benghazi? Of course!
LATEST! DHS AMMO BUY - Dark Secrets &
Sinister Plans?
Rep. Issa: Holder 'Absolutely' Knew About Fast &
Furious Earlier Than He Testified
Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic
Collapse & Gun Confiscation
Obama signed the UN Small Arms Treaty immediately after his Inauguration in 2012.  'See' the true reason America is intended to be disarmed.
Gun violence is 10% (9,600 annually) of the total deaths compared to the Healthcare 'disease' Management System (800,000) per year.
The 'In Your Face', Urgent 'Need to Know', 'In Process', and 'Changing Fast by the HOUR!':
'The Globalist Authoritarians' plans now in execution by the Obama Administration:
(by all means, not a complete list)
The 'Smell of He??', A 'Police State' Tyranny!
'Is there a 'Hell' on the Horizon?  The U.S., has been long been
under subversive control of an authoritarian 'old' corporate
globalist cabal.  Imminent  plans have been in the works, that now
or will affect  every aspect of American's  lives.  Many  know 'if it
is business as  usual', while deep fissures of disintegration and
societal 'breakdown' manifest all around.  

It is very  interesting to see our Earth actually reflecting this very
phenomena.  Every 'aware' being on the planet is  affected by
what is in the works, whether one chooses to  recognize it or not.
  • Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act Into Law
    After Promising GMO Labeling in 2007
Obama signed the self authored protection act for Monsanto, creator of
GMO's and pesticides that are extremely damaging and toxic to the
health of humans, animals, and the environment.

  • Monsanto Protection Act Proves
Corporations More Powerful Than US Government
by Anthony Gucciardi, 3/13
For Your Safety!
Pervasive Cyber Censorship and Sweeping Surveillance "State":
All digital communication, transmission and Internet action is now tracked and data-based.     The
U.S. to soon mirror China's Internet lockdown protocol.  Truly, a 'dark age' for truth.  
Engineered Economic Implosion  - Manufacturing corps leaving the US
- Small Business Opression -  Obamacare - Internet/ IRS  Increase taxation - QE3
- Tax Exemptions for Mega Corps  -   Confiscation of part or all of
American's bank accounts
-  Privatized prison profiteering
Media Blackout of Truth of Journalists & Whistleblowers    - NSA
Agent and military whistleblowers, journalists killed or imprisoned, IMF Attorney
and others harassed, media blackout - worldwide protests of Monsanto GMO's -   
censorship of many 'real cures' and abuses by Big Pharma/FDA - Corporate
monopoly based on trying patent 'animal,plant and
human genes'?  
Destruction of the Second Amendment: Gun control focus through
'registration', background checks and psyche review are ploys to disarm and
confiscate all guns in America. Eric Holder, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, and
Obama have said it!.  Don't be fooled the 'goal' is complete confiscation, since
Mass Medai Psychological Warfare -Mass Media Psychological Warfare -
'right-left' Hegelian Dialectic polarized paradigm - Problem-Reaction-Solution 'false
flag' operations - barrage of fear tactics - 'crazy making' mind control - Hollywood
mind control, programming, and brainwashing
-DHS: Arming Against America, the Terrorist!  DHS/FBI Americans
are the 'new' terrorists. Huge gear up for 'Civil Unrest.' False Flags: Fast &
Furious (confiscate arms), the focus on Al Queda (CIA) 'war terrorists' keeps us
outwardly focused while a
'Police State' is rising up around us.
Amnesty Bill / Bio-Metric ID Card - Amnesty for more than 50 million
illegal immigrants at a cost of
$6.3 trillion or more - Secret Bio-metirc ID Card (finger
prints, Iris scan, vein map, etc.) for all  Americans, if they want a job (Amnesty bill),
under the guise of  tracking the new Immigrants.
Pervasive Cyber Censorship and Sweeping Surveillance "State"
- Cybersecurity,  Obama's "Internet Killswitch" and Lockdown, "for your safety".
NSA Agent Snowden's exposing PRISM: 'Back door'  Surveillance, Scan/
Anaylyze all communications, tracking computers,  phones,  Smartphones,
tablets, TV, Smartmeter and appliances. Total and complete surveillance, again
under the "guise" to keep you safe and criminal "Copyright" Infringements.
Genetic Perversions and Theft - Monsanto, Dupont and other Chemical
and DNA research corporations efforts to ultimately control ALL agriculture and
food.  Now with ore power than our "government", and above the law.  Obama
signing the 'self authored' "Monsanto Protection Act", Human Gene Patenting, Bee
Colony Collapse, pesticides, perversions of food and animal DNA using viruses and
receiving per government 'flyers', 'anonymous' food stamps, benefits, and 'health care' that  Americans don't even have
access too.   Through bribery and blackmail of Obama, these immigrants are expected to wield immense influence in his
popularity and continued tyranny.
Companies Have Left or
99 of Top 100 U.S. Markets
lose manufacturing jobs
since recession onset
More American Factories
Closing 10/10
  • Manufacturing companies have continued to close
    or  leave  the U.S., often under  the 'coercive'  
    influence of from the current administration.  
Destruction of the middle class by:   
A Few of Many Source Links:  
Crimes against Gibson
guitars, Ted Nugent,
  •  Obama's announcement of the closing of the
    Small  Business Administration.
Obama Proposes: Close the
Small Business Admin as
Predicted, by the American
Small Business League
  • Fraudulent awarding of government contracts, to large  
    off shore conglomerate corporations, that legally should
    be bid on by small businesses operating within  the U.S
Fraud, Abuse in Small Business
to End Now, 4/12
Government awards small
business contracts to large
companies 5/13
Obama to Dismantle Small  
Business Administration,
Increase Foreign Aid. 12/12
"There will be NO new or increase in taxes."  
  • New taxes: * Increase in Social Security tax  * new
    investment/ retirement tax  *Internet tax,  * Proposed tax
    on personal bank accounts * Obamacare mandated
    insurance or penalty tax.
  • Continued Inflation by QE3 Federal Reserve fiat printing of
    85 billion, per month in bailouts to 'globalist banks',
    congress the people not privy to 'who' is receiving it.
Payroll Taxes 2013 Going Up
On 163 Mil Workers
Obama/Romney -Mum  
New Investment Tax Slated for
2013 7/12
Report: Obamacare Already
Making Insurance Prices
Double 6/13Double 6/13

(Source) (Source)
Corporations Don’t Pay
Taxes, People Pay Taxes

  • Tax Exemption status for many corporate conglomerates
    like Facebook (NSA), Google (NSA), Microsoft, Intel,
    many others..,
Federal Reserve's Money
Printing Failure
How QE3 Will Make Wealthy
Richer While Causing Living
Standards Fall For
The  Rest Of Us 9/12
Michael  Snyder
This page still in process of completion...
How Obama Plans to Raise
Taxes by $1.1 Trillion
Obama Plans to Attack/Tax
Retirement Accounts
Offshore Corporate Tax
Havens: Why Are They Still
Coca-Cola, Oracle, Intel Use
Cayman Islands to Avoid
U.S. Taxes
How Google Pays Next To
Nothing In Taxes 10/10
Facebook Pays Less Than 1%
In Foreign Taxes
On $1.4 Billion Catherine
New 12/12
Disclaimer: This is an extremely limited list of information revealing the
'Assassination HIT" on the 'American Economy' began long before Obama.  
A 'Diabolical' part of Americas Demise:
U.N. Agenda 21 EXPLAINED
, (watch on youtube)
Inside Job, (DVD)
Matt Damon, narrates
An in depth expose' of
worldwide criminal fraud,
debauchery, and massive
theft!  No one goes to jail!   
The Economic Collapse        
Are You Prepared For The Coming
Economic Collapse And The Next
Great Depression?
Michael Snyder, prior attorney in
D.C.,  best known for Econimic
Collapse Blog.
The Economic Collapse blog
Infinite quantitative easing
(QE3) now initiated; the final
chapter of America's financial
blowout has begun
Obama's No New Taxes
Pledge 'Pre-meditated Lie'

Obama's Pledge: Never Raise
Taxes on Anyone Making  
<$250,000 Yr
The True Story of Gun Control, Innocents
Betrayed (Documentary)
(Democide by Government)
In this powerful documentary produced by Jews for the Preservation
of Firearms Ownership (http://jpfo.org), you will learn how governments
have historically deprived people of firearms ... then wiped them from the
face of the earth.   This disturbing video clearly demonstrates the
consequences of centralizing government power and disarming citizens.
Genocide always follows, leaving millions of innocent victims dead.
The 2nd Amendment is NOT for Hunting, And
shall NOT be infringed!!
On October 16, 1991, Hennard drove his 1987 Ford Ranger pickup truck
through the front window of a Luby's Cafeteria at 1705 East Central Texas
Expressway in Killeen, yelled "This is what Bell County has done to me!",
then opened fire on the restaurant's patrons and staff with a Glock 17
pistol and later a Ruger P89. About 80 people were in the restaurant at
the time. He stalked, shot, and killed 23 people and wounded another 20
before committing suicide....
Prozac and its family of psychotropic drugs are at the heart of 99% off
mass murder shootings. The media also hypes victim disarmament zones
like public brainwashing centers as a great place for Prozac and Zoloft
heads to kill. They always go to places with no guns so they can take
their time. Guns don't kill people, kook psychologists pushing SSRIs do.
DISARMED: A History of Gun Control -
DISARMED stands as a challenge to the mainstream media's
manipulation and disinformation surrounding the 'gun control debate' --
an issue that is truly not about the control of guns, but people.  "In a 31
blast of hard-hitting information, DISARMED is the ultimate information
bomb for newcomers and veteran news followers alike. "  "Disarmed is
totally hard hitting, it is a 31 minute red pill for those who still cling to the
concept of gun free zones and mass disarmament" - Mike Adams of
Rapper Ice T on US gun control (20July12)
Rap music artist Ice T talks about US gun control, in light of another idiot
going on a shooting rampage in the US.
Psychiatric Drugs and Mass Shootings ᴴᴰ
reports to the U.S. FDA's MedWatch system of psychiatric drug
side effects related to violence. These include 300 cases of homicide,
nearly 3,000 cases of mania and over 7,000 cases of aggression.
Note: By the FDA's own admission, only 1-10% of side effects
are ever reported to the FDA, so the actual number of side effects
occurring are most certainly higher. http://www.cchr.org/
Obama 2008 - "I Am Not Going To Take Your
Guns Away, That Just Ain't True"
Gun Control - Watch What Happens When Guns
Are Banned. - Australia   
 Published on Oct 19, 2012  
The results of Australia's Gun Ban:
Armed Robberies UP 69%            Assaults With Guns UP 28%
Gun Murders UP 19%                  Home Invasions UP 21%
A Witness to Nazi Tyranny, Kitty Werthmann,
Sends a Message to The US, You Have Been
Blog Link:
  • GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush!
    Shocking photos reveal severe damage caused by
    GM soy and corn
(click for full article)
The study was conducted on 168 young pigs on an authentic
farm environment and was carried out over a 23-week period by
eight researchers across Australia and the USA. The lead
researcher, Dr. Judy Carman, is from the Institute of Health and
Environmental Research in Kensington Park, Australia. The study
has now been published in the Journal of Organic Systems, a
peer-reviewed science journal.
Brief History: Monsanto Has Been A
Merchant of Death for Decades, by
Elizabeth Renter 6/13
(click for full article)
Corporations Own 20%
Of Your Genes
, by Elizabeth Renter
June 11th, 2013
(click for full article)
Nestle CEO: Water Is Not A by
Anthony Gucciardi 4/13  
(click for full article)
GMO Study: Rats Fed Lifetime of GM by
Anthony Gucciardi Updated 11/01/201
(click for full article)
Official EU research verifies bee
holocaust caused by dangerous
man-made poisons, Big Ag and Big
Government do nothing
Friday, April 26, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson
(click for full article)
Pollinating insects disappear as GMOs proliferate:
What will become of our food supply?
March 21, 2013 by: Ethan A. Huff
(click for full article)
Monsanto Blocked Around
The World
(click for full article)
Fast & Furious
Att. General Eric Holder ran the false flag operation to give guns to Mexico's Drug
Cartels, so the blame on gun violence could be linked to America's Second
Ammendment and undermine the Second Amendment and destabilize the
Mexico/America border.  Eric Holder quoted " Americans must be bombarded daily on
the thought of 'gun violence' and be "brainwashed" into disarming America.
(Source1)  (Source2) (Source3)
Did you know the Department of Homeland Security is arming for Civil 'Unrest':
  • Government confiscation of 'your' bank account?
    Bernacke already brought it up in hearings.
ALERT: All Of The Money In
Your Bank Account Could
Disappear In A Single
for Cyprus-style 3/13 Luis
Prisoners: America's New
Cheap Labor (ALEC
Youtube (Source)
Privatized Prisons and
Prison Labor IS Slavery  
Russian Leader Warns, US
governments plan confiscate
governments plan confiscate
up to 30% of the Americans
people bank accounts
(Youtube Source)
Russia Warns Obama: Global
War Over “Bee Apocalypse”
Coming Soon  
May 10, 2013 By:
Sorcha Faal,
(click for full article)
  • Privatized prison of the U.S. profiteering on human slavery.     
    private prison labor for profit and lobbying for harsh crime
    and pro drug-war legislation to create more cheap workers
    for corporate America. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.
Private Prisons: The More
Americans Put Behind Bars
    Amnesty Passes through Committee 13-5 - Senators Cruz and Sessions Cite Concerns
    "The coalition letter is an important and decisive moment in this debate, reflecting deep, broad and principled conservative opposition. They note,
    correctly, that the Gang of Eight legislation is like Obamacare—a large, unwieldy bill filled with broken promises and special interest giveaways. The
    letter makes crucial points about how the Gang of Eight legislation will pull down Americans’ wages, destroy American jobs and erode the
    constitutional rule of law as immigration officers have repeatedly warned. While the number of voices supporting the Gang of Eight legislation
    shrinks, the number of Americans speaking out against this proposal continues to grow."
"The current population of illegal immigrants, if legalized, would cost American taxpayers a minimum of $6.3 trillion over the
lifetimes of those immigrants, according to a Heritage Foundation study released Monday.  In total, current illegal immigrants would
receive around $9.4 trillion in government benefits and services over the course of their lifetimes, the study found, and would pay
about $3.1 trillion in taxes, resulting in a net fiscal deficit of $6.3 trillion. "
    National Biometric ID Card: Secretly, part of the Amnesty bill is massive plan to mandate a National Biometric ID
    card (iris scan, finger prints, and 'vein scans' ) also loaded with a personal info database.  Businesses will be  required
    to purchase scanners to read these ID cards,  no one will be able to work without it.  This government scheme will
    cost over $6 trillion.
Subversive: Amnesty Bill / Bio-Metric ID Card
Web of Debt,
History of money and control,
who is behind the History of  
money, this is an 'inside job!?'
DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar  
Export Labor to Madagascar,
By: Howe, 8/11
NO Gun Control!
All creatures 'Universally have a 'right' and 'survival instinct' within.  DO NOT let anyone talk you out defending  
your life and loved ones in the best way possible.  Do not be deceived into being disarmed, you will see a
'democide' reigned down upon you from those you think are supposed to protect you.   
The Pentagon Is the President's
Private Army
DHS Classifies New Ammo Purchases
After Controversy Federal agency
blacks out #  of bullets being bought
PJ Watson 8/12 (Source)

Purpose of the 'Department of Homeland Security'  to 'create' the new "American Terrorist"!
Dark Secrets & Sinister Plans? (Youtube)
Troops Deployed Ahead of Economic
Collapse & Gun Confiscation (Youtube)
& Furious Earlier Than He Testified (Youtube)
Apocalypse Slams Into
America, Few Notice
Special Report  from Sister Ciara
Veterans, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Home Schoolers, Christians, Orthodox Jews,  are
now  considered to be possible TERRORSTS ,
This, according to official FBI documents and DHS's director Janet Nepolitano.          
(Source1) (Source2)
In addition, there is the 'no gun list' and the 'no fly list', (it is unknown how one is added or
taken off this list).
(Source3)  (Source4)
This list is getting longer day by day. (Source5)
  • 7,000 fully-automatic rifle  (5.56x45mm)
    NATO “personal defense weapons”
to hold (30)- 5.56x45mm NATO rounds.
  • over 2 billion hollow point bullets, LETHAL
(enough for a 30 year war in Iraq)
  • retrofitted 2,717 Mine-Resistant
    Armored Protection vehicles (MRAP)
Since early 2012 DHS has purchased:  (Source1)   (Source2)   (Source3)
Government Agencies Purchasing
Enough Lethal Ammunition to Put 5
Rounds In Every American?
Exposing the "Assassination HIT" on the US Economy  
Bio-Engineering Perversions Against 'Life'.
You see you are being spied upon by cameras all around you.

did you know...


find out by moving your mouse over the eyes....
letters" immunizing AT&T and other companies
participating in a cybersecurity program from criminal
prosecution under the Wiretap Act, according to new
documents obtained by the Electronic
Privacy Information
Center.   by Declan McCullagh   4/24/13
Report: Obama Officials Authorized New
'Cybersecurity' Warrantless Surveillance
Program, Fresh Immunity Given to ISPs
April 24, 2013 | By Trevor Timm
This page still in process of completion...
planet, WHY do greenhouse growers buy  CO2
generators to double plant growth?
6/13 -  by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Corporate Attacks on Humanity and the Planet
Generation of American Patriots
Gary Younge, The Guardian, 16 June 2013
The violation of civil liberties in the name
of security has had a profound impact on
those who came of age after 9/11

click image
click image
Violent Censorship against Journalists and Whistleblowers & Mega-Corp Media Blackout of the "Truth"
Gereld Celente,
Trends Research &
Apocalypse Slams Into America,
Few Notice
Special Report  from Sister Ciara
'Inside View' of 2008 World Economic Plundering
NSA, CIA Agents, Journalists, IMF Attorney's, and others are whistle blowing on government and corporate corruption.  Many journalists like Breitbart and
Michael Hastings, have died under suspicious circumstances, IMF Lawyer's coming forward are also harassed and silenced, in addition, a campaign to completely
black out the worldwide '2 million (56 country) participant march' protesting against the giant Monsanto GMO's by the mega-corp mass mainstream media, AND
not to mention, the longstanding gestapo censorship of 'real cures' for many 'diseases' by  Big Pharma.  How about the corporations who try to patent 'human
genes' , OR the animal, plant and insect'?  Say what?  
Mass Media Psychological Warfare
-Mass Media Psychological Warfare - 'right-left' Hegelian Dialectic polarized paradigm - Problem-Reaction-Solution
'false flag' operations - barrage of fear tactics - 'crazy making' mind control - Hollywood mind control, programming,
and brainwashing
The Creature from Jekyll
Island: A Second Look at
the Federal Reserve
Disclaimer: All digital guns on this website are unloaded and all virtual
bullets are safely 'stored' in virtual memory away from the virtual guns.
NSA's Prism surveillance
program: how it works and
what it can do
Slide from secret PowerPoint
presentation describes how
program collects data 'directly
from the servers' of tech firms
James Ball  guardian.co.uk,  8 June 2013
Full article: (Source1)
Fast And Furious: 22 Shocking Facts About
The Scandal That Could Bring Down The
Obama Administration
By Michael Snyder, on October 5th, 2011

US government openly admits arming
Mexican drug gangs with 30,000 firearms -
but why?
July 08, 2011 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Obama Administration Caught Running
False Flag Against Second Amendment
Paul Joseph Watson Infowars
June 24, 2011
Benghazi-Gate: A Timeline of
Government Deceit, Deception, and
Outright Lies
by John Nolte 29 Sep 2012
Benghazi Stand Down Denials Don't
Stand Up To Reason
Larry Bell, 11/01/2012
Edward Snowden!
Hero or Traitor?
Edward Snowden Interview
Transcript FULL TEXT: Read the
Guardian's Entire Interview With
the Man Who Leaked PRISM
In second part of Glenn Greenwald
interview, NSA whistleblower insists
he is a patriot who regards the US as
fundamentally good
First Interview:
Cameras are everywhere.
Consciously look around
you when you are in public:
on streets, in stores and
malls, banks,  on sidewalks,
police cars ...cameras,
cameras, cameras!
The Smartgrid (your new smart meter utililities grid) coupled with the
new IPV6 internet, that can and will track your every "use", transmission,
communication and action...all for your safety!
If you have nothing to hide, why do
you have walls, why do you lock
your doors, why do you put on
clothes?   Com'on guys, wake up!
Liberty =
Privacy =
Responsibility =
Self-Empowerment= Respect for
and Other
Second Interview:
Other Interviews & Revelations:
Boundless Informant: the NSA's
secret tool to track global
surveillance data
(Source1)   (Source2)
Revealed: The NSA's powerful tool
for cataloguing global
surveillance data –
including figures
on US collection
Edward Snowden is no 'traitor'
Far from aiding our enemies, the
NSA whistleblower has exposed
our own government's subversion
of Americans' rights
Guardian U.K., Monday 22 July 2013
Snowden, Says NSA Spying Has
Compromised Nation's Democracy
The Huffington Post  07/18/2013
Edward Snowden Hopes To Leave
Moscow Airport By Wednesday: Lawyer
Reuters  07/22/2013 11:  (Source1)
The Latest:
I have spoken with those who think Edward Snowden is a traitor.  HOW? In the 1970's high schools taught the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the 'check and  balance'
system between Congress, the Justice, and Executive branches.  The "Bill of Rights" is for all individuals.  The People 'rule'.  How could anyone, not support a system of  
justice and 'liberty' for all, equally?  
Today, our youth and many others today, have been 'brainwashed', either by the 'Education 2000' system, drugged by anti-depressants and  anti-psychotics, remapped
neurologically by vaccines, numb from television and massive propaganda.   Liberty and Justice for each individual is the only way.  We are moving to a   completely  
tyrannical fascist  'police state' system of government.  The American can stop this is its tracks if they but recognize that 'all' individuals of the world' should have the
unalienable right as stated in the Bill of Rights.
Journalist Michael Hastings
Dies in Fiery Crash /
Hollywood RAW F
Woodward: Don’t Let Government
Dismiss Benghazi      
Infowars.com    May 17, 2013
The Damning Dozen: Twelve Revelations from
the Benghazi Hearings
Guy Benson | May 09, 2013
Big news is now coming out for any American wary of foreign troops on U.S. soil. Russia recently signed a deal with the United States that would allow Russian troops to provide security
Situations Ministry and the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency. (FEMA)
(full article)

AlQueda Al-Quaeda Al CIA DUH! :
House oversight committee hearing on
Benghazi  (Youtube)
Al-Qaeda Does Not Exist !! - Former CIA Officer
Michael Scheuer Speaks Out !!
Furious Earlier Than He Testified (Youtube)
Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit     
Al-Quaeda Is a Complete Fabrication
Mr. Charrington on January 7, 2008
"BBC’s killer documentary called “The Power of Nightmares“.
Top CIA officials openly admit, Al-qaeda is a total and
complete fabrication, never having existed at any time.  The
Bush administration needed a reason that complied with the
Laws so they could go after “the bad guy of their choice”
namely laws that had been set in place to protect us from
mobs and “criminal organizations” such as the Mafia....
(cont'd source here)

"...FOX NEWS Interview with Ian Blair (LINK):Blair said, “Al
Qaeda is not an organization. Al Qaeda is a way of working
… but this has the hallmark of that approach.”
Polidics.com (full article)
IMF Attorney, whistleblower
This page still in process of completion...