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Did you think this was "Democrats" or "Republicans"?


It is somewhat interesting the abbreviated terms for the U.S. Congressional polarity 'parties' are also an abbreviated form for Demons or
Reptilians.  I call witness to the 'fruits of labor' of this so called 'government' now controlled and being run by the 'mega-conglomerate'  
corporate Wall Street banker 'evil-archy'.  It is most certainly from my view, wrought by a 'simili' of
Demons  or Reptilians.

Or, for another more realistic term, Psychopaths?  It does not matter what you call them, "you know them by their fruit."  

Psychopaths!, no not a spooky 'demon' presence, not a faze shifting 'human' reptilian, but a true human predator, an
'intra-species' human
that has been behind the havoc wreaked upon humanity.  A HUMAN PREDATOR that thrives on torture, suffering,  bloodletting, blood
spilling, and terror!...  A being, that feeds 'on', and both enjoys and relishes the 'absolute  destruction' of a life, or  any life force.      An
astute definition by
'Michael Tsarion', the psychopath is a 'self-murdered' being, and seeks only destruction.  

Let your mind wander back over any of our history, even generally, there are 'always' those rulers that have wrought all sorts of horrors  on
the common man.  Look today at the media programs so very 'popular', such as HBO's Trueblood', Being Human, Secret Circle, Vampire
Diaries, 'Game of Thrones', or even 'Monster High' or any of the  myriad of vampire, werewolf or monster movies.  Hollywood, CIA, Disney,
NSA, are all trying to 'normalize' in your mind that 'blood drinking monsters' feeding off  humanity is sexy, and woman or men should love
them.  This is !
Mass Mind Control Programming.  You are being mind controlled and programmed.  Even the  commercials you think you
tune out, can have a huge 'subconscious' mind control effect on us.  

I am sorry to disillusion you, but it is a fact. Albeit, if you ponder it for a bit, a fascinating, but very dark mystery.  If you will venture, letting
go of your pride, and acknowledge that you've been duped, you will wander into a scary world, and come out 'more in power and control'
of your own mind.  I was happy to give up my disillusion, from the view I have now.  I would say though, it is like in '
The Matrix' movie when
Neo chooses the
'Red Pill', of Truth.
'psychopaths' are wreaking on the masses.  Those in control are 'psychopaths'.  They have duped most into thinking that
psychopaths are only like those in the movies, 'Jason', Freddy Krueger, or serial killers like 'Ted Bundy'.  
  • -Who do you think has most of the wealth of the world?  Who wants war everywhere all the time?
  • -Who can run massive sex and slavery trafficking of children and women, horrific slave labor practices, and corporate profit
    prison slave systems.
There seems to be a great awakening and focus on the subject of 'psychopaths' today.  If you do a search for 'psychopaths' on Youtube,  the There
exists a possibility that even the  portrayal of 'demonic' or 'evil monsters' throughout history and, especially in our entertainment media are a
representative of the real 'human' predator.
Vampires, demons, werewolves, or even the human machete and chainsaw slashers are all created to misdirect us from the truth of MOST
psychopaths among us.  Yes, the serial killer and mass murderer are of course, equal in the 'horrific', there is an obvious allegory in images of the

The clinical definition of the psychopath, defined by expert
Robert D. Hare Phd, author of "Without Conscience" are:
Social Deviance *
  • impulsive
  • poor behavior controls
  • need for excitement
  • lack of responsibility
  • early behavior
  • adult antisocial behavior
  • glib and superficial                        
  • egocentric
  • Lack of remorse of guilt
  • lack of empathy
  • deceitful and manipulative
  • shallow emotions
"Without Conscience,
page 33
A very wise man (in my eyes) said: "Be as wise as the serpent. Be gentle as doves."  or "you serpents, vipers, white washed sepulchres" ," you are  
like dogs laying in the troughs, holding the keys to the kingdom, you keep others out, and you don't go in yourselves" My point is that
'psychopath' have been around for a very long time.  The base stem of the human brain is called the 'reptilian cortex' it the reactive, instinctual,
survival, aggressive and territorial part of the brain and human 'reactions'.  
So, this brings to mind, a two year old's maturity who exhibits and exercises only this part of the brain.  The psychopath in some ways seems to
ever progress past these base behaviors of a two year old child, with the added heightened sexuality, not for relationship or love, but for  
manipulation and power.  They seem to only have a zest for the material, the reward of the physical, instant gratification, and hoarding of all.
From my reading of several sources, there is yet a specific scientific agreement for the 'cause' of psychopathy.  Brain scans can't even prove what a
psychopath is.  The experts seem to agree they are an 'intra species' human predator.  
When we look at nature, there are predators, the lion,bear, alligator, snake, or shark?  Well, is that what the 'psychopath' is for the race of
humanity?  They are a chameleon of sorts, a perfect predator that feeds on 'humankind', to keep us awake or keep us on our guard?  
Approximately, 4-6% of humanity are psychopaths, and this is increasing in the U.S., because of media , BigPharma, vaccines, and more than
anything the fear or drive for 'money'! OR, is it because we have become complacent to 'evil' being reigned down on others?
Honestly, there is no firm theory on what creates the 'psychopath'.  But, again, this predator human seems to be increasing in numbers, because of
DARPA, CIA, NSA, Hollywood  mind control (
more detail on this below).
Do you, or have you known anyone with these traits?  Robert Hare does warn not to diagnose yourself or others based on these traits, but, if you
realize that 1 in 25 people you meet most likely may be a psychopath, then would it not be expedient to be aware of these traits in a person that
decides to warm up to you?  Did you know they wreak havoc on many people in everyday life, in relationships of family, work and politics.  Could
these 'psychopaths' be the ones who control the corporations, Wall Street, the banks, the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, Genetic
Engineering, ... on and on!  This seems a terra-forming by an alien, or just simply ab being who has no consideration or consciousness of
consequence, hence, the simple answer is the psychopath.
"You will know them by their fruits!"  How manipulated most are now days when they can see what 'fruits' of government and politics are being
delivered in obvious sight, but can't seem to see the truth!  The politicians, justice system and congress seem to pass any laws, executive  orders and
'rules' regardless of what one knows in their hearts are 'right and just'.  Where are those who can see truth?  The psychopath will barrage and  
bombard, over and over like a the virus constantly attacking to subvert and manipulate through fear and chaos to siphon off 'the life force'.  
There are currently, in your face lies as truth!  Over and over I have seen Obama lie in the face of the American masses.  At least four times Obama
has absolutely lied about what he 'would do', and has done the very opposite of what he promised.  Proof: 1) Second Amendment support, don't
want to know the truth.  He mind controls through NLP prorgramming and there are many sources that support his campaign mirrors 'Hitlers'
campaign.  His comment 'Yes We Can', played backwards is easily recognized as "Thank You Satan!", no kidding!  Are Obama's 'subjects' and Obama
both 'psychopaths'!  
The fruits of psychopathy are fraud, lies, war, blood sacrifice, torture, rape, bullying, addiction of power and control over others, and more.  The even
'darker underbelly' of psychopathic government  we see obliquely is perversion, secretiveness, hiding, SPYING, SURVEILLANCE, fear mongering, fear
bombing (love bombing), and secret harmful experiments the unknowing, over and over these agendas are carried out, bombarding until  people
have no defense.       
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Demons and Reptilians and Psychopaths, OH MY!
Who or what are Psychopaths?
Are psychopaths running the world?
Where do Psychopaths come from?
Do psychopaths hate humanity?
Do I know any Psychopaths?
Could psychopaths be demon possessed, or are they
'reptilian' aliens?
What are the 'fruits' of the Psychopath?
What reason or purpose could they have for humanity?
What are the 'fruits' of the Psychopath?
Do I know any Psychopaths?
So do you know any psychopaths?  The above 'introduction' by Thomas Sheridan is a stark and honest view of the
effect psychopath in ones life.  Start with looking at the list above under who or what are psychopaths, defined by
Robert D. Hare, Phd..  Do these  characteristics sound like anyone you know, or have known?  Again as stated above,
1 in 25 people you meet statistically will be a psychopath.  Mostly they thrive on 'sucking the life force out of a
person and then moving on, yet keeping each on hold in case they can be a resource for 'later'.  Remember, NO I
had a close relative who I
know was a psychopath.  I don't think he ever killed anyone, but he 'would' exploit anyone
for what he thought he 'wanted/needed', even unto his death.  He would do 'nice' things  he thought he 'should',
but he stole his children;s identity for 'credit fraud' - for them to clean up, of course!  This person was also a power,
manipulation or control.  After researching the psychopath, and upon reading Thomas Sheridan's  books, Puzzling
People and Defeated Demons, helped me greatly to know this relative was a psychopath.  It also helped me to regain
the validation and confidence in myself, although, still a struggle.
'Dems' & 'Reps'
to see ?
Who or what are Psychopaths?
If you have met a psychopath, hopefully you survived and came out a better and more empowered person.  If you are still struggling because of a
relationship with the 'psychopath, please, read Thomas Sheridan's books.  Please!  I believe you will regain your faith, confidence and validation (over
time) within, because you have been 'burned' by a 'true' conscienceless predator.  If you are in doubt of yourself, I think this 'very easy to read
information' will give tools to see the truth and gain control of your being, your heart, and strength to OVERCOME the psychopath 'in' your life.  
At a 'higher' level in society, many of your politicians are at the very least 'narcissists', or psychopaths.  The psychopath automatically will gravitate to
power, control, money and notoriety.  Without empathy, conscience, or real relationship what would be the reward for life?  I believe that is why these
people will often be in or seek the hierarchy of control in their reach.  Secret societies (freemasonry, skull and bones, CFR, Committee of 300, Trilateral
Commision, Bilderberg, Council of Nine, Club of Rome, Jesuits, Vaticano, on an on...,) bureaucratic government, police, banking, and corporations are
playgrounds for and attract the psychopath.
Where do Psychopaths come from?
A psychopath coming into your life will at first seem like the beginning of an eternal springtime.  They will be everything
you want them to be and more.  Matters not what role they choose to become in your life: lover, politician, business
partner family member, coworker or Good Samaritan.  However, their ultimate agenda is always the same: to make you
declare war upon yourself, on your mind, on your soul, on the very person you are meant to be.  You will be    From the
declare war upon yourself, on your mind, on your soul, on the very person you are meant to be.  You will be    From the
dizzyingly heights of golden promises and idealism bequeathed upon you, the psychopath will systematically
downgrade your psychological sovereignty by manoeuvring you into an ever- tightening  spiral of self-doubt and
dependency, at the end of which is the annihilation of your true being, leaving only a facsimile of what you once were.  
You will be exploited for your physical and emotional energy reserves in the manner of a robber  raiding a gold mine
until you are emptied, then abandoned.
The psychopath will then casually walk away as though you never existed, all in order to do the same to another person
family, organisation or entire society.  
The aim of the book is to teach you how to guard the precarious treasure of your won soul.
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"Puzzling People:
the labyrinth of the
Thomas Sheridan
Freedom from
Consciousness Parasites in
Thomas Sheridan
When the Demon Knocks At Your Door,
Thomas Sheridan,
"Puzzling People, the labyrinth of the psychopath"  Introduction
Lowest rates of psychopathy:
1. Care Aide
2. Nurse
3. Therapist
4. Craftsperson
5. Beautician/Stylist
6. Charity Worker
7. Teacher
8. Creative Artist
9. Doctor
10. Accountant
Highest rates of psychopathy:
2. Lawyer
3. Media (Television/Radio)
4. Salesperson
5. Surgeon
6. Journalist
7. Police Officer
8. Clergy person
9. Chef
10. Civil Servant
Do psychopaths hate humanity?
Could psychopaths be demon possessed, or are they 'reptilian' aliens?
What reason or purpose could they have for humanity?
Are psychopaths running the world?
YES? YES! Totally, YES!
I like Michael Tsarion's definition on Psychopaths, in that they are self murdered, so they seek to destroy all other 'life' or steal?  Not necessarily 'hate',
possibly, but maybe more of a denied 'envy', or arrogance that they are so much better without 'conscience'?
Yes, and yes, we just don't know right now.  The 'manifestations' we see from the 'evilarchy' or 'shadow government' truly seems to be bent
on world destruction on its path to total control, and do seem to bear the same 'fruit', regardless of what you call them.
Well, we shouldn't care what purpose or reason they 'think' they have for us, if we could be shaken from our 'dazed and confused' almost drugged state, we
would disregard any of their ideas for us, and make our own way...because we choose to!  We would take back our minds, our imagination, and power to restore
and reinvent our world, in 'liberty' and 'responsibility'!
But, if we don't wake up to their 'mind control'...this IS what we have in store at much more epidemic levels:
Human Labor and Sex Trafficking!                                                             Drug Trafficking!
Prison Slavery!                                                                                          Pediphilia and raping of our children!
Satanic rituals and Satanic ideals the new 'One World Church'!                  Drugs and Vaccines on massive levels for more mind control!
Starving for the masses: food with no nutrients!                                        GMO Monsanto with the total control of the food supply!