Good Newz!   (Is All Around You! )
  • The good newz is 'humanity', YOU!  Care! Bring back care and concern for your fellowman,
    be it those suffering in your country or another.  
  • Once we learn to see through the 'matrix manipulations' of Divide and Conquer, False Flag
    operations of   Problem - 'Panic' Reaction - their 'Solution' tactics, and the Hegelian
    Dialectic "if your not with us,  you are against us."
  • Many in the world are awakening, fighting back, standing up, and saying 'NO' to the 'mega
    corpofascist globalist  authoritarian' psychopaths, guilty of criminal theft, fraud, and
    coercion; the premeditated spread of disease, poison and cancer in pesticides,GMO's,
    processed foods,  and Big Pharma drugs and Disease Management System, often resulting in
    mass murder.   
  • Many high level whistle blowers are speaking up to the crimes, fraud and theft of our mafia
    'hijacked' 'government': IMF Lawyer, NSA Whistle blowers, IRS whistle blowers, Benghazi  
    and more.
  • And, there are many more of us, 85-90 % more of us then there are of 'them'!  
This page is a work progress.
If you don't exercise these you don't have them!
  • 1st Amendment
Protects the people's right to practice religion, to speak freely, to assemble (meet), to address the government and of the press to publish.
  • 2nd Amendment
Protects the right to own guns.
  • 3rd Amendment
Guarantees that the army cannot force homeowners to give them room and board.
  • 4th Amendment
Protects the people from the government improperly taking property, papers, or people, without a valid warrant based on probably cause (good reason).
  • 5th Amendment
    Protects people from being held for committing a crime unless they are properly indicted, that they may not be tried twice for the same crime, you not be
    forced to testify against yourself. It also contains due process guarantees.
  • 6th Amendment
    Guarantees a speedy trial, an impartial jury, and that the accused can confront witnesses against them, and that the accused must be allowed to have a
  • 7th Amendment
    Guarantees a jury trial in federal civil court cases. This type of case is normally no longer heard in federal court.
  • 8th Amendment
    Guarantees that punishments will be fair, and not cruel, and that extraordinarily large fines will not be set.
  • 9th Amendment
    Simply a statement that other rights aside from those listed may exist, and just because they are not listed doesn't mean they can be violated.
  • 10th Amendment
    Says that any power not granted to the federal government belongs to the states.
             Amendments passed once the Constitution was adopted. (See website for all other amendments.)
  • 13th Amendment
    Abolished slavery in the entire United States. (did it make everyone an indentured servant, unknowingly agreeing to servitude?)
  • 14th Amendment
    People had rights on the federal level and on the state level, too.  Dealt with civil war items.
  • 15th Amendment
    Ensured that a person’s race could not be used as criteria for voting.
  • 16th Amendment
    Authorizes the United States to collect income taxes. (never ratified by the States)
  • 17th Amendment
    Shifted the choosing of Senators from the state legislatures to the people of the states.
  • 18th Amendment (repealed by the 21st Amendment)
    Abolished the sale or manufacture of alcohol in the United States.
  • 19th Amendment
    Ensures that sex could not be used as a criteria for voting.
  • 22nd Amendment
    Set a limit on the number of times a President could be elected - two four-year terms.
  • 26th Amendment
    Ensures that any person 18 or over may vote.
Only Enumerates 'YOUR' rights.  
If you don't exercise them you don't have them.