Good Newz!   (Is All Around You! )
  • The good newz is 'humanity', YOU!  Care! Bring back care and concern for your fellowman,
    be it those suffering in your country or another.  
  • Once we learn to see through the 'matrix manipulations' of Divide and Conquer, False Flag
    operations of   Problem - 'Panic' Reaction - their 'Solution' tactics, and the Hegelian
    Dialectic "if your not with us,  you are against us."
  • Many in the world are awakening, fighting back, standing up, and saying 'NO' to the 'mega
    corpofascist globalist  authoritarian' psychopaths, guilty of criminal theft, fraud, and
    coercion; the premeditated spread of disease, poison and cancer in pesticides,GMO's,
    processed foods,  and Big Pharma drugs and Disease Management System, often resulting in
    mass murder.   
  • Many high level whistle blowers are speaking up to the crimes, fraud and theft of our mafia
    and more.
  • And, there are many more of us, 85-90 % more of us then there are of 'them'!  
This page is a work progress.