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Transhumanism @ Wikipedia
"Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an
"Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an
eventual goal at fundamentally transforming the human
condition by developing and making widely available
technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual,
physical, and psychological capacities.[1]
The "Grown" not Born
"Transhumanist thinkers
study the potential
benefits and dangers of
emerging technologies
that could overcome
fundamental human
limitations, as well as
study the ethical matters
involved in developing
technologies. They
technologies. They
predict that human
beings may eventually
themselves into beings
with such greatly
expanded abilities as to
merit the label
Machine City:
A copy
the simulation
hence 'DEAD',
No spirit,
breath, or
'machine city',
a viral
consuming the
'spirit of

The "Borg"  appears as recurring antagonists in the "Star Trek"  The
organisms  functioning as  drones of the Collective,  or  the hive.  A
pseudo-rac, dwelling in the Star Trek universe, the Borg force other
species into their collective and connect them to "the hive mind"; the
act is called assimilation and entails  violence, abductions, and
injections of microscopic machines called  nanoprobes.  
assimilation ) "Resistance is Futile."  Also referred to as the "hive body
parts or technology. The  collective consciousness not only gives them
The Borg's  ultimate goal is "achieving perfection".  (through the
ability to "share the same thoughts", but also to adapt with great
speed  to defensive tactics used against them. (Wikipedia)
The Oracle (The Matrix Movie):  She represents feeling 'the mother'. The
color orange  represents the second chakra  of 'feelings, creativity and
procreation', The fourth chakra is in greens and pinks, the 'heart, empathy,  
and nature' centers.  Smoking..addiction, huh?
The  'Mother' of caring and emotions, baking cookies,
loves candy, and
qualities including:  unpredictability,  adaptation, wisdom and ... compassion.
(The Matrix Movie)
World Wide Web, the
"unbalancer" of
control...has anyone
considered how much
knowledge and power
the Internet has given to
the 'peasants'.  It has
helped to 'even the
score' in response with
'knowledge' against
those who operate in
secret and deception.  
expose so much of what  
before, they could  
'maintain in the 'cover
of darkness'.  Our eyes
to  'see' and ears to the  
world, please this is our
'unbalancer'  for the
'Architects of Control'.
No, I will not comply!
The Goal...Transhumanism?  Borg?  The 'NEW' post human.
Supposedly an upgrade? Discard humanity? A 'Borg', 'Zombie'?
I choose the 'real' bio-energetic breathing, with a heartbeat, our Earth as Spirit, conscience, empathy, and care.
Military Intell, ...
constant tracking and
did they tell us this
in the Matrix!?
Architects' Balance =
Total Control?
The globalist cabal "death (post human) cults", intent
on 'creating' a parasitic 'post human'.
We must find and reveal 'The Source'.
The Matrix Revolutions
Warner Bros. 2001
The Matrix Reloaded
Warner Bros. 2000
The Matrix
Warner Bros. 1999
The Matrix
Warner Bros. 1999
The Matrix
Warner Bros. 1999
The "Desert of the Real", in the real world this represents a
truth about what the 'architects of control' want for this world.  
It is this and so much darker, a nightmare.  Think of the most
horrific torture movie including rape, ritual blood sacrifice,
pedophilia and sacrificing of children, torture and a lust for
blood.  No feeling, no empathy, no humanity except to feed
the psychopathic and demonic realm.
The "Desert of the Real"
The Matrix
Warner Bros. 1999
Star Trek: The Borg
Gene Rodenberry
Gene Rodenberry
or sister,
Collider (LHC) is the
ever made and is
considered as "one of the great
engineering milestones of
mankind".[1] It was built by the
European Organization for 1998 to
,...(Wikipedia Link)

The first website went on-line in
1991. On 30 April 1993, CERN
announced that the World Wide
Web would be free to anyone.  
A copy[11] of the original first
webpage, created by the World
Wide Web Consortium's website
as a historical document.
(Wikipedia Link)
World Wide Web!    WWW =