Food stamps, medical care, and
benefits to given to 'illegal's',
even from across the border!
Mike Adams, Natural News April 28, 2013
(Document posted on the left)
Documents obtained through the Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA) reveal the Obama
administration is actively marketing the federal
food stamp program (SNAP) to illegal immigrants.
A Spanish-language flyer obtainer by Judicial
Watch says, “You need not divulge information
regarding your immigration status in seeking this
benefit for your children.”
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The Phoenix New Program ((youtube)
Continued Mind Control, Human experiments,
and cruelty on humanity.
The Phoenix Program (youtube)
Horrific Mind Control & Human Experiments carried over by
Nazi programs.
Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Exposes the
"Continuity of  Government" program, establishing
an all powerful shadow state. Alex Jones proves the
existence of a secret network of FEMA camps, being  
expanded nationwide. Store
Constitution Con?
Michael Tsarion
Well documented argument that 'people' of the United States
of America misunderstand the true purpose of  'The
Constitution', and don't realize, under the 14th Amendment are
voluntary slaves.  Does this explain how the Patriot Act and
NDAA passed, under the 'Constitution', that is for and by the
Elites.  Many references support this 'hard to swallow',  fact.
Weapons of Mass Destruction Found
(An Address to the Dead)
Michael Tsarion
'Weapons of Mass Destruction' are (Mass Deception).  This is
a revealing article that explains what the real Numerous
references for this article to help you see through the
mountains of deception reigning down year after year.
Stockholm Syndrome:
"How the abused 'learn to love' their abusers
Click on links below for sources.
What is Stockholm Syndrome?  
(Mental Health Guru)
(Watch on Youtube)
Love and Stockholm Syndrome: The Mystery of
Loving an Abuser, By Dr Joseph M Carver, Phd

Stockholm Syndrome (Free Dictionary Definition)
"People with Stockholm syndrome report the same symptoms
as those diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD):"

Stockholm Syndrome:
Described as "victim’s emotional “bonding” with their
Amnesty for 'All Illegal' Immigrants?
The ABSOLUTE robbing, destabilization and gutting of the Constitutional
America!  What country can you go into get free food, free money and free
healthcare and a "FREE OBAMA PHONE"?
6 Corporations Own the Media
Community Media Access Collaborative Public Channel