Dictators and Tyrants in World History
"Dictators and tyrants are rulers who controls a country
with absolute authority and are not restricted by a
constitution or by laws. Dictators work in a governmental
system in which the citizens do not possess the right to
choose their own leaders. This type of system is called a

Top Ten Most Evil Dictators of All Time  (in order
of kill count)   By Juan Carlos P.E
"Ten of our political leaders in the last 130 years have
been the architects of the most horrific genocides,
systematic murders, blockades, brutal wars, and policy
reforms history has ever recorded."

The Horrors of the Church and the Holy Inquisitians
The Church
The Tortures
The Witchhunts
Some Executions for Witchcraft by
The Saint Inquisition et al.
The Malleus Maleficarum
The Witch Burnings - Holocaust Without Equal
Michael Tsarion -Red Ice Live: Chronology
of Tyranny - 1/3
(1, 2,3 watch on youtube)
All Wars Are Bankers' Wars by Michael Reviro
(watch on youtube)
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Bloodlines of
the Illuminati,
Fritz Springmeier

Worldwide Evil and Misery
The Legacy of the
13 Satanic Bloodlines
by Robin de Ruiter & Fritz Springmeier
Gods of Money: Wall Street and the
Death of the American Century                             
 William Engdahl
The Octopus
Danial Estulin
True 'Fiction' to get
your mind around the
'vast arms of control.

Behold the
Pale Horse,
Bill Cooper
Vast subjects from a
navy intelligence
officer..boy does he
NWO Jesuits/SMOM/Vatican & The Black
Venetian Nobility (The Papal Bloodlines)
Part (1) (2-4) youtube
Arcana Arcanorum - 13 True Papal Illuminist
Gray Master Luciferian Bloodlines
The Evil Goals of the 13 illuminati bloodlines
Very good compilation of information!
The Phoenix Program (youtube)
We Are Change Fresno TV -- Public Service
Announcement -- 6 Corps Own the Media
< NAME="policestate">Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA This film exposes how the
"Continuity of Government" program has established an all
powerful shadow state. Filmmaker Alex Jones proves the
existence of a secret network of FEMA camps, now being  
expanded nationwide.
The Constitution Con
Weapons of Mass Destruction Found
(An Address to the Dead, cont'd...)
Michael Tsarion
Well documented argument that 'people' of the United States of
America misunderstand the true purpose of  'The Constitution', and
don't realize, under the 14th Amendment are voluntary slaves.  Does
this explain how the Patriot Act and NDAA passed, under the
'Constitution', that is for and by the Elites .  
Many references support this 'hard to swallow', fact.
Weapons of Mass Destruction Found
(An Address to the Dead)
Michael Tsarion
This is a revealing article that explains what the real 'Weapons
of Mass Destruction' are (Mass Deception).  Numerous
references for this article to help you see through the
mountains of deception reigning down year after year.
Disclaimer Notice: The links above are but a minuscule amount of information only intended as an appetizer
for your mind.
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Transhumanism @ Wikipedia
"Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an
international cultural and intellectual movement with an
eventual goal at fundamentally transforming the human
condition by developing and making widely available
technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual,
physical, and psychological capacities.[1]
The Borg
The Grown not 'Born'
"Transhumanist thinkers
study the potential
benefits and dangers of
emerging technologies
that could overcome
fundamental human
limitations, as well as study
the ethical matters
involved in developing
and using such
technologies. They predict
that human beings may
eventually be able to
transform themselves into
beings with such greatly
expanded abilities as to
merit the label
The 'simili', similulating
'real' life, is dead, without
spirit or conscience,  
'inauthentic' life, but  a  
'virus or parasite'.
This is the 'globalist cabal
"death cults" are
intentionally moving
Military Intell, ...
constant tracking and
did they tell us in the Matrix!?
Balance = Control?
"Borg  is a collective proper noun for a fictional alien
race that appears as recurring antagonists in "..." the
Star Trek franchise. The Borg are a collection of
species that have been turned into cybernetic
organisms functioning as  drones of the Collective, or
the hive.  A pseudo-race, dwelling in the Star Trek
universe, the Borg force other species into their
collective and connect them to "the hive mind"; the
act is called assimilation and entails  violence,
abductions, and injections of microscopic machines
called  nanoprobes.  
The Borg's  ultimate goal is "achieving perfection".  
(through assimilation ) "Resistance is Futile."  Also
referred to as the "hive mind" or   "collective  
consciousness", the Borg Collective is a civilization
with a group   mind. drone heal or regenerate
damaged body parts or technology. The  collective
consciousness not only gives them the ability to
"share the same thoughts", but also to adapt with
great speed  to defensive tactics used against them.
The Oracle (The Matrix):  She represents feeling 'the mother'. The color orange  
represents the second chakra  of 'creativity and procreation',
green represents the fourth
chakra the 'heart and nature' centers.  'Mother' baking cookies, loves candy, and the
sweetness of life!  Smoking..addiction, huh?  She is, the most human of
qualities including:  
unpredictability, adaptation, wisdom and ... compassion.
The Goal...Transhumanism?  
The new post human.  Supposedly an
upgrade? Discard humanity?, the 'real'
bio-energetic breathing, with a
heartbeat, our Earth as Spirit,
conscience, empathy, and care.  
No, I will not comply!
The Oracle
(The Matrix):
the World Wide Web,  
the "unbalancer" of
control...has anyone
considered how much
knowledge and power
the Internet has given to
the 'peasants'.  It has
helped to even the score
for 'knowledge' in
response to those who
operate in secret and   
We can now see and
expose so much of
what  before, they
could  'maintain in the
'cover of darkness'.  
Our eyes to  'see' and
ears to 'hear', now!  
People of the  world,
please this is our
'unbalancer'  for the
'Acrchitects of Control'.