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  • The 'Plot to Plunder':  has been underway for at least 150 years, (this time around).  We can see the trail of 'destruction' from the Bolshevik Revolution, America's Great wide
    world crash and Depression, the bankers bailouts amounting to more theft.    Many read and research.
  • Secret Societies: this 'Plot to Plunder' is tied directly to secret societies and 'occulted' knowledge.  Mainstream media has tried to brainwash the masses into believing        
    this   is only 'conspiracy theory', or that these 'secret societies' are benign or just 'good ole boys' clubs.  At lower levels, there are the 'do gooders' and the ethical that  join,
    yet these are always filtered to get stuck in lower ranks, while the UN-ethical psychopathic float their way to the top, 'top  secret' levels  of the pyramid.  They operate        
    like 'wolves in  sheep's clothing".  Today, so much corruption  has percolated from the depths to the heights of all organizations and government.  For a perfect blueprint    
    for  what we see to day in the U.S., read 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion', subversively, written as a Jewish document, to covertly avert blame if exposed.
  • "2008 Wall Street Plunder" of the World's Econic crash, being the more impressive encore presentation, since their (priorly manufactured) 1929 U.S. Depression.  These      
    and many other subversive 'omens' reflect a step by step take over of city, state country, and  every 'resource' on the planet, including YOU!  Can't you see it coming           
    like a tsunami?  I you can't see it, you are not paying attention.  
  • Corporations, artificial 'dead' entities are at the root to the world take over of all 'living, breathing, and beings with a heart beat and blood'.  How did humanity of                
    'care and empathy' arrive on this precipice of death and possible 'obliteration'?  We are here, what will we do about it?
Overview of the 'PILLAGE' of America's Economy:
There is this British Crown 'Bankster Cabal' now exposed to have manufactured
the 1929 Wall Street Crash, the architects of the Federal Reserver and the IRS
(1933),  and now the '2008 World' Economic Plundering through Wallsteet
derivatives 'gambling'.  
Who's behind the 'Private Banking Cabals'
What and who are behind these tax-expempt elite foundations, (i.e. The
Tavistock Institute, Carnegie Foundation, Ford and Rockefeller Foundation, Rand
Corporation (think tanks psychological manipulaton and mind control),  
Rockefeller's Brother's Fund, The Aspen Institute's Global Interdependence,  
Initiative.  The Aspen Institute's Global Interdependence Initiative) and many more.
Who was Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Carroll Quigley?
Bloodlines of World Control: Secret Societies?  Ssshhhh...
A good ole' boys club, drinking, playing cards or golf?  Or, the most subversive,
covert and malevolent psychopathic 'tools' for mass control and deception...
And, infiltrating every organization from the highest places in government to
the 'humblest' places in the church and temple.  The evidence  has been
amassed to support the latter, hands down.
Corporations: Pyramids of Hierarchy and Psychopathy: The hierarchy
form of the pyramid, synonymous with the corporate 'design' is a fertile breeding
ground for psychopathy.  The corporation only concern is 'profit' above all, without
a doubt makes it a psychopath, a
predator.  All countries, cities, governments,
and its 'people' ARE Corporations, traded on Wall Street as 'products'.  
Subversive Plots, Plans, Agendas... Secrets Societies, Oh My!
...Rothchild's, British Royalty, Vaticano, Jesuit Order, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Hellfire Club... New World Order! Oh My?
Be warned!