Did you think this was "Democrats" or "Republicans"?


It is somewhat interesting the abbreviated terms for the U.S. Congressional polarity 'control parties' are also an abbreviated form for
Demons or Reptilians.  Here, to call witness to the 'fruit' of this so called 'government' now controlled and being run by the  
'mega-conglomerate' corporate fascist and architects of control 'evil-archy'.  It is most certainly from my view, wrought by a 'simili' of
what we call Demons or Reptilians.

Or, for another more realistic term,
Psychopaths?  It does not matter what you call them, "you know them by their fruit."  
Psychopaths! No not a spooky 'demon' presence, not a faze shifting 'human' reptilian, but a true human predator, an  
'intra-species' human
that has been behind the havoc wreaked upon humanity.  A HUMAN PREDATOR that thrives on torture, suffering,  bloodletting,  blood
spilling, and terror!...  A being, that feeds 'on', and both enjoys and relishes the 'absolute  destruction' of a life, or  any life force.  An astute
definition by
'Michael Tsarion', the psychopath is a 'self-murdered' being, and seeks only destruction.  

Let your mind wander back over world history, even generally, there are 'always' those rulers that have wrought all sorts of horrors on the
common man.  Look today at the media programs so very 'popular', HBO's Trueblood', Being Human, Secret Circle, Vampire Diaries, Game
of Thrones, 'Monster High', or any of the  myriad of vampire, werewolf or monster movies.   Hollywood, CIA, Disney, NSA, are all trying to  
'normalize' in your mind that 'blood drinking monsters' feeding off  humanity is 'SO' sexy or cool, and woman or men should love them.  This
is !
Mass Mind Control Programming.  You are being mind controlled and programmed,  even the commercials you think you tune out, do
and can bypass the conscious, and have a huge 'subconscious' mind control effect on us.  

This is quite a disillusion on accepted 'reality', but it is a fact. Albeit, if you ponder it for a bit, a fascinating, but very dark mystery.  If you will
venture, letting go of your pride, and acknowledge that you've been duped, you will wander into a scary world, and come out 'more in
power and control' of your own mind.  I was happy to give up my disillusion, from the view I have now.  I would say though, it is like in '
' movie when Neo chooses the 'Red Pill', of Truth.
Today, there seems to be a great awakening and focus on the subject of 'psychopaths'.   If you do a search for 'psychopaths' on Youtube,  the
the truth of the predatory 'psychopath'.  There exists a possibility that even the portrayal of 'demonic' or 'evil monsters' throughout history and,  
especially in our entertainment media are a representative of a real 'human' predator.  Also referred to as an 'intra-species'  human.  Vampires,
demons, werewolves, or even the human machete and chainsaw slashers are all created to misdirect us from  the truth about the psychopaths  
among us.  Yes, the serial killer and mass murderers are of course, equal in the 'horrific', torture or killing of  the 'movie' monsters. But most  
psychopaths aren't the media hyped 'serial killer', yet, there is a definite allegory represented by these monsters.

The clinical definition of the psychopath, defined by expert
Robert D. Hare Phd, author of "Without Conscience" are:
Social Deviance *
  • poor behavior controls
  • need for excitement
  • lack of responsibility
  • early behavior
  • adult antisocial behavior
Emotional/Interpersonal *
  • glib and superficial                        
  • egocentric
  • lack of empathy
  • deceitful and manipulative
  • shallow emotions
"Without Conscience,
page 33
A very wise man (in my eyes) said: "Be as wise as the serpent. Be gentle as doves."  or when he spoke of 'religious/political rulers of the time he
called them "serpents, vipers, white washed sepulchres" ," you are like dogs laying in the troughs, holding the keys to the kingdom (truth), you  
human brain is called the 'reptilian cortex', it is the reactive, instinctual, aggressive and fight or flight part of the brain.  So, this brings to mind, a  
two year old's maturity who exhibits and exercises only this part of the brain.  The psychopath in some ways seems to never progress past these
base behaviors with the added heightened sexuality and deviance, not for relationship or love, but for manipulation and power, and only have a
zest for the 'material', the reward of the physical, instant gratification, and hoarding.  Expert sources say there is yet  specific scientific 'cause' of  
psychopathy.  Brain scans can't seem to provide what makes a psychopath.  Psychopaths are often referred to  as and 'intra species'   human

When we look at nature, there are predators, the lion, bear, alligator, snake, or shark?  Well, is that what the 'psychopath' is for the 'human' race?  
They are a chameleon of sorts, a perfect predator that feeds on the 'human', psychically, physically and even spiritually.  Is it to keep us awake or
keep us on our guard?  Again, approximately, 4-6% of humanity are psychopaths, and this is increasing in the U.S., because of media , Big Pharma,
vaccines, and more than anything the fear or drive for 'money'!  OR, is it because we have become so complacent to 'evil' being reigned down on
others? Subsequently, this 'predator' human seems to be increasing in numbers, because of DARPA, CIA, NSA, Hollywood  mind control.   (
detail on this below
Do you, or have you known anyone with these traits?  Robert Hare warns not to diagnose yourself or others based on these traits, but, knowing
1 in 25 people you meet is most likely a psychopath, wouldn't it expedient to be aware of these traits in a person that decides to 'warm up' to you?
Did you know they wreak havoc on many people in everyday life, in relationships of family, work and politics.  Could these 'psychopaths' be the  
ones who control the corporations, Wall Street, the banks, the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, genetic engineering, weather control and  
consequence, hence, the simple answer is the psychopath.  Remember, there are four to five percent (4-6%) psychopaths on planet Earth.
"You will know them by their fruits!"  How manipulated most are now days when they 'look' at the 'fruits' of government and politics being  
delivered in 'in plain sight', but can't seem to see the truth!  The bought and paid for politicians and justice system seem now to pass any laws,
psychopath will barrage and bombard another's psyche, over and over, like a the virus constantly attacking to subvert and manipulate through  
fear and chaos, only to siphon off 'the life force'.

The fruits of psychopathy: fraud, lies, secrets, manipulation, perversion, war, blood sacrifice, torture, rape, bullying, elitism, arrogance, addiction of
power and control over others, and, well hopefully your getting the picture.  The even darker fruits of a 'psychopathic government', we see
obliquely the oppression, brutality, perversion, secretiveness, hiding, SPYING, SURVEILLANCE, fear mongering, fear bombing (love bombing),   
long term secret lab experiments on the unknowing (many lethal), and bombarding the psyche until people are either exhausted of trying to  
resist the bombardment of lies and just 'give in'.  

We have currently in our faces, the spouting of lies as truth!  Over and over, Obama has lied to the face of America.  Obama has absolutely lied  
about what he 'would do', and has done, and still does instead the very opposite of what he states.  Proof:
  1. Supports the Second Amendment,  "I am not going to take your guns."
  2. Transparency of government, no, more classified documents than any president in history.
  3. NDAA 2012, 2013 Disappear people on his 'kill list', or anyone that protests him.
  4. Support of the Constitution, blatant statement of perversion of the constitution.  Lies in the face of all Americans.
  5. No new taxes? and none on anyone below $250,000, lies, Obamacare is a tax, social security tax increase, ....
  6. Government does 'not' constantly have all Americans under electronic surveillance.  
  7. Power plants are being shut down across America.  Power costs have doubled for many.
  8. 1,000's of dams are being destroyed across America.  Power costs have doubled for many.
  9. General Motors was paid to move to China, as well as, many other manufacturing and service corporations were moved off shore.
  10. Instantly legalize 30,000,000 plus illegal immigrants, many on tax payer paid welfare programs.

Obama's charismatic and poised public presence is persuasive and hypnotic, especially in his habit of using a teleprompter and the mind
'influencing' technique, Neuro Linguistic Prorgramming (NLP).  Many are mesmerized by his lies, supporting Obama because they have been  
brain washed, or may be unable to face the truth of his betrayal, or they are receiving incentives (welfare).  There are many that suggest   
campaign mirrors that of 'Hitlers' in many ways.  Even his comment 'Yes We Can', played backwards is easily  recognized as "Thank   
You  Satan!", no kidding!   Obama has put America on a fast track to 'feudalism' for a permanent 'peasant' class.  Is Obama a psychopath? It's  
been said.
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Demons and Reptilians and Psychopaths, OH MY!
Who or what are Psychopaths?
Are psychopaths running the world?
Where do Psychopaths come from?
Do psychopaths hate humanity?
Do I know any Psychopaths?
Could psychopaths be demon possessed, are they or
are they 'reptilian; aliens?
What are the 'fruits' of the Psychopath?
How does the psychopath 'ultimately' effect humanity?
What are the 'fruits' of the Psychopath?
Do I know any Psychopaths?
So do you know any psychopaths?  The above 'introduction' by Thomas Sheridan is a stark and honest view of the D.
Hare, Phd..   Do these characteristics sound like anyone you know, or have known?  Again as stated above, 1 in  25
people you meet statistically will be a
psychopath.  Mostly they thrive on 'sucking the life force' from their you meet
statistically will be a psychopath.  Mostly they thrive on 'sucking the life force out of a person and then moving on,
yet keeping each on hold in case they can be a resource for 'later'.  I had a close relative who I now  
know was a
psychopath.  I don't think he ever killed anyone, but he 'would' exploit anyone if he thought he could  use you, even
unto his death.  He would do 'nice' things  he thought he 'should' do,  but he stole his children's identity, committing
'fraud' and left them to clean up the mess, of course!  This person cheated many, and even fled the country for
years?  Why?  Researching the psychopath, and reading Thomas  Sheridan's books,  "Puzzling  People" and "Defeated
Demons", inadvertently, helped me realize this relative was a psychopath, also helping me to regain some validation
and confidence.
'Dems' & 'Reps'
to see ?
If you have met a psychopath, hopefully you survived and came out a better and more empowered person.  If you are still struggling because of
a relationship with the 'psychopath, please, read Thomas Sheridan's books.  Please!  I believe you will regain your faith, confidence and validation
within, because you have been 'burned' by a 'true' conscienceless predator.  If you are in doubt of yourself, this 'very easy and interesting read will
give you tools to see the truth and gain control of your being, your heart, and strength to OVERCOME the psychopath 'in' your life.  Other
psychopaths in our life and society, are politicians, at the very least 'narcissists'.  The psychopath automatically will gravitate to power, control,  
money and notoriety.  Without empathy, conscience, or real relationship what would be the reward for life?  I believe that is why these people will
often be in or seek hierarchies of control within their reach.  Secret societies (Freemasonry, Skull and Bones 322, The Council on Foreign Relations
(CFR), Committee of 300, Trilateral Commision, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, The Jesuits, The Vaticano... RESEARCH) bureaucratic government, police,
banking, and, of course, corporations are playgrounds for and attract the psychopath.
Where do Psychopaths come from?
A psychopath coming into your life will at first seem like the beginning of an eternal springtime.  They will be
everything you want them to be and more.  Matters not what role they choose to become in your life: lover, politician,
business partner family member, coworker or Good Samaritan.  However, their ultimate agenda is always the same: to
make you declare war upon yourself, on your mind, on your soul, on the very person you are meant to be.  You will be
divided in order to be conquered.
From the dizzyingly heights of golden promises and idealism bequeathed upon you, the psychopath will
systematically downgrade your psychological sovereignty by manoeuvring you into an ever- tightening  spiral of
self-doubt and dependency, at the end of which is the annihilation of your true being, leaving only a facsimile of what
you once were.  You will be exploited for your physical and emotional energy reserves in the manner of a robber  
raiding a gold mine until you are emptied, then abandoned.
The psychopath will then casually walk away as though you never existed, all in order to do the same to another
person family, organisation or entire society.  
The aim of the book is to teach you how to guard the precarious treasure of your won soul.
Click Image for Info
Puzzling People,
the labyrinth of the
Thomas Sheridan
Freedom from a Thomas
"When the Demon Knocks At Your Door",
Thomas Sheridan,
"Puzzling People, the labyrinth of the psychopath"  Introduction
Lowest rates of psychopathy:
1. Care Aide
2. Nurse
3. Therapist
4. Craftsperson
5. Beautician/Stylist
6. Charity Worker
7. Teacher
8. Creative Artist
9. Doctor
10. Accountant
Highest rates of psychopathy:
1. CEO
2. Lawyer
3. Media (Television/Radio)
4. Salesperson
5. Surgeon
6. Journalist
7. Police Officer
8. Clergy person
9. Chef
10. Civil Servant
Do psychopaths hate humanity?
Could psychopaths be demon possessed, or are they 'reptilian' aliens?
How does the psychopath 'ultimately' effect humanity?
Are psychopaths running the world?
YES? YES! Totally, YES!
The psychopath seeks to destroy all who are, and have 'life' and a real 'life force'.  It is not necessarily 'hate', possibly, but maybe more of a denied
or arrogance that they are so much better without 'conscience' or care?  Again, going back to the analogy of Agent Smith in 'The Matrix'  humanity
for being a 'virus' on the planet, yet he is the one with the toxic world view as he possesses others - creating 'new' psychopaths.  He also blames  
Neo  for being the one who took his  purpose, because, for him, all life must have a 'purpose'.  (Agent Smiths  speech in "The Matrix Reloaded").
But, this is a lie.  Actually, Neo helped him see and gain 'liberty' or a freedom perspective, but  he perceives freedom as death.  Could this be the   
reason  someone who needs to follow and be told what to do, will attack anyone who tries to show them how to think for themselves.  As a robot or
psychopath, they have no life without an outside 'purpose'.  Truly, life is 'being' it just is, and life can be life  without a 'purpose'.  Or, maybe life  
always has purpose and just is, always beyond anything we can perceive or understand.  For instance, observe the  flower, what is its purpose?  To   
grow?  To be pretty?  Or, is it part of the wondrous life matrix of a whole beauty in 'purpose' with the sun, the rain, the bees, the soil, the minerals,   
the insects...  Life is a 'being'!  Life is beauty, an un-purposeful  purpose so wondrous we can't even fathom or understand it fully.   Thankfully this is

The 'psychopathic' mind is so arrogant, it cannot see past it's own logic that life possibly exists on levels and frequencies so far beyond what they   
somehow it will adapt to protect 'itself' from the 'psychopathic mind'?  Let's hope so.
Maybe yes, maybe yes, and...there is no way to prove that for now.  The 'manifestations' we see from the 'evilarchy' or 'shadow government'  truly
seems to be bent on world control and world destruction.  They do bear the 'fruit' of the psychopath regardless of what you call them.  Some seem
to need to label them reptilian aliens or demons, but, regardless, isn't the only thing that really matters is the 'fruit' they bear?  

The unfortunate realization for all of us in America, is that most have been so dumbed down, by the education system, mind controlled by mass
genetically modified food, sugar, and mass use of aspertame across the nation, are increasingly creating a real 'zombie' society.  For those  just now
hearing about these assaults, you may be swearing and denying this could even be true.  (Many of us still raise our fists to the sky, ranting, how can
this be....)

Please, just do yourself a favor and accept that you, along with all the rest of us are being manipulated, lied to, and defrauded.  You are not alone,  
we all have to find out somehow.  We are all in this together.  Really!   
The Anvil of the The
truth about our fashion,
media, music, 'supply for
coerced demand'
Thomas Sheridan
"Without Conscience,
Robert D. Hare, PhD
Foster Care System Traps Children
into Vicious Cycle of Sex Abuse
are placed right back into it.
Lee Ann McAdoo August 1, 2013
(Click for Article)
Celebrity arrests could soar after horrified
police discover Jimmy Savile's secret lair at
record shop  
28 Jul 2013 Ben Glaze, Mirror.CO.UK.
Names and sexual details of hundreds of girls were  
scrawled across huge wall in a scene from a horror film
(Click for Article)
Child Pimping-Pedophile-Product Services)
These darker 'fruits' of psychopathy now escalating and rising up
like sewage gushing into the streets, are being exposed and
protested by many.  Most people don't want to 'see' or look at this
real nightmare.  We must 'see' and non-comply, if humanity is to
survive beyond an existence of a 'hell' for the common man.  You
think this is overstated?

Did you know?
Does the above help you realize that yes, psychopaths are running the world.  Is this a world you want to live in, or leave for your children.  Yes,
horrors of the evil and tyrannical have been here for eons...but, because of the attained technology of the Internet we can now see their organized
plan of those who want an absolute control over humanity.  Even a plan for creating a 'transhuman',  or possibly a 'post human'.  In laymen's term   
a robot or 'borg'.  No life.
Carrying this idea further, could this be the 'demon' or the 'alien' that already have no ability to experience emotion?   The psychopath, the demon,  
empathy, and no CARE -- and their are massive efforts to make the rest of us the SAME.the reptilian mind, has no ability to experience love or
caring... who else could be running the world other than those who have no conscience, no
There is so much more crimes against humanity going on, and these are just statistics...the horror of the
treatment of these victims is unbearable, if you even think of it for a second.  Do you see yourself as a moral
and caring person? Does this effect your heart... does this make you cry!?  Let others know...do something.
Sex Trafficking: Inside
the Business of Modern
by Siddharth Kara
July 9, 2010
Human Trafficking
Mira Sorvino
Human Trafficking
Around the World:
Hidden in Plain Sight
by Stephanie Hepburn
Trade of Innocents
Mira Sorvino, Dermot Mulroney
Kevin Kline
Rachel Weisz
Above are several very good movies on the subject of Human Trafficking.  These are well made, modest, in the 'light' of the most horrific of crimes.  
Also, here are a few popular books, as well as, informative articles to get you more background information.  Also here is a short video expose on
the criminal behavior of the 'Child Protection Services'.  Please be brave and research this, yes, it is very brutal, but don't leave so many victims
alone to die, suffering in silence, without a notice, bearing such horrors in a life - and be snuffed out.  At the very least, send your heart, your
prayers, your tears... and care, over their spirit.  BUT, even better, be a force to help wipe this out.
Likely to Attract Psychopaths
(Should We Be Worried?)
1/6/13  Madeleine Morgenstern
...and did you know?
2013 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics
2011 United States: Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics
Real Unemployment Rate
  • In America today, only 47 percent of adults have a full-time job.
  • 76.7 percent of the jobs that have been "created" in 2013 have
    been part-time jobs.
  • At this point, one out of every four American workers has a job
    that pays $10 an hour or less.
  • An astounding 53 percent of all American workers make less
    than $30,000 a year.
  • If This Guy Is What The Future Of America Looks Like, We Are In
    BIG Trouble (the very dark side of welfare for the tax payer)
Child Killed Because Parents Smoked
Pot Handed Over to Convicted Pot
Adan Salazar August 7, 2013
(Click for Full Article)
The Franklin Scandal:
A story of Powerbrokers,
Child Abuse & Betrayal by
Nick Bryant
More on Autodespot psychopaths running the world see the:
  •    massive sex and slavery trafficking of women and children
  •    horrific slave labor practices around the world, corporate profit United States 'prison' slave systems for children and adults
  •    world human organ trafficking, increasing every year
  •    torture or killing of anyone 'they' decide is against them (journalists, whistle blower insiders, military whistle blowers, or? ...)
  •    brutality of police across the nation killing, tazing, and beating lawful and responsible citizen's
  •    patenting and controlling all agriculture and horticulture
  •    creating 'genetically modified food', antibiotics, pharmaceuticals to pervert and harm your's and your children's  DNA
  •    create vaccines to destroy, dumb down, and intentionally neurologically 'brain damage' your child at birth to it's toddler's years
  •    intent to patent all human genes to control disease, create disease, and control 'your body'
  •    force you into a 'health system' that you must obey regardless of how it effects you
  •    destruction of 1,000's of dams and the shut down of clean coal plants all across the United States, to INCREASE their profits!
  •    force you into a slowkill 'DEATH' by food, drugs, disease, or environmental assault, or at the very least, turn you into a post (or borg) human?
  •    mass harass, attack, bombard every person with electronic, wireless and energy weapons as a psychological and physical slowkill weapon.
  •    automatically give 'amnesty' to 30,000,000 illegal immigrants in your country, (treason) none are held responsible for their crimes
  •    'amnestied' illegals given free welfare: food stamps, healthcare, benefits siphoning off of the health and wealth of the nation
Who or what are Psychopaths?
Rothchild's private decadent
parties... remember Kubrick's
Soylent Green (1973)
Charleton Heston
Heston as a Manhattan cop
trying to solve a murder in the
city. His roommate (a
necessity in the overcrowded
metropolis),  tries telling him
before there were more
resources and room left; but
Heston doesn't care, won't
listen... until.
Out of the Mouth of Madness
John Carpenter, 1995
A decent into hell.  " In fact, it is how Cane
writes it--but is he Devil, dark oracle, or
simply a preacher in the service of an evil
that grows stronger with every soul his
books convert?"- Sean Alexander
The Island of Dr. Moreau
(1977) and a (1996) is a remake of
1932's Island of Lost Souls and,       
of course, an adaptation of H.G.
Wells's classic tale of the dangers   
of playing God.
Shipwreck victim Andrew
(Michael York) washes up on a
tropical island and is taken in by
Dr. Moreau (Burt Lancaster), who
lords over a compound staffed by
some distinctly odd-looking
Not just entertainment... this is true 'evil'.
Carpenter's  movies,This is a blatant and in your face mafia and evil criminality.  You must wake up to this or you will see a horrific 'hell'.  If you have
seen the John
 "They Live", or even more beyond horrific, "In the Mouth of Madness", "Soylent Green",  " and  "The "1984", truth is stranger
than fiction.  These may not be far from the truth, if, we don't wake up and change humanity's path.

If you research what is truly going on, you will realize this is a true possibility.  Please, do yourself and your family a favor, accept this is real and do
something, like prepare!
A genuine psychopath can be best
thought of as the
shadow that is cast
by an invisible demon, if one wants to
go down the allegorical route. Even
so, before you call someone a
'psychopath' it's always a really good
idea to check that you are not just
dealing with a regular asshole. Then,
following this, try to determine if it is
possible, you might be the asshole.  In
all seriousness, these are important