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Can you feel the 'Heat of a Police State' Tyranny!
'Is there a 'Hell' on the Horizon?  The U.S., has been long been
under subversive control of an authoritarian 'old' oligarchic
Communist/Marxist cabal.  Imminent  plans are in the works, that now or will
affect every aspect of American's  lives.  Many know something 'is wrong',  
like the walls closing in, but continue to live as, or try to hang on as 'if it is
business as  usual'.  But deep fissures of disintegration  and breakdown are  
manifesting all around.  Pier behind the Wizards curtain as they spin and
manipulate our reality!  They "demonize" the spooky internet but this is
where you will find truth that they won't show you, and even try to hide.  
We can stop THIS... choose to SEE with 'care and empathy'.
News The That Should Be 'In Your Face', affecting every area of life.  
The news 'corporate' info-tainment won't show, won't tell, and it should!
Engineered Economic Implosion  - Manufacturing corps leaving the US -
Small Business Opression
-  Obamacare - Internet/ IRS  Increase taxation -   QE3
- Tax Exemptions for Mega Corps  -   Confiscation of part or all of
American's bank accounts
-  Privatized prison profiteering
Media Blackout of Truth of Journalists & Whistleblowers    - NSA Agent,
and military whistleblowers, and journalists killed or imprisoned by current Administration.  
The war against whistleblowers is more intense than ever  before in history.  
Destruction of the Second Amendment: Gun control focus through
'registration', background checks and psyche review are ploys to disarm and
confiscate all guns in America. Eric Holder, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, and Obama
have said it!.  Don't be fooled the 'goal' is complete confiscation, since 1951

Mass Media Psychological Warfare -Mass Media Psychological Warfare -
'right-left' Hegelian Dialectic polarized paradigm - Problem-Reaction-Solution 'false
flag' operations - barrage of fear tactics - 'crazy making' mind control - Hollywood
mind control, programming, and brainwashing
DHS: Arming Against America, the Terrorist!  DHS/FBI Americans
are the 'new' terrorists. Huge gear up for 'Civil Unrest.' False Flags: Fast & Furious
(confiscate arms), the focus on Al Queda (CIA) 'war terrorists' keeps us outwardly
focused while a
'Police State' is rising up around us.
Amnesty Bill / Bio-Metric ID Card - Amnesty for more than 50 million illegal
immigrants at a cost of
$6.3 trillion or more - Secret Bio-metirc ID Card  (finger prints, Iris
scan, vein map, etc.) for all  Americans, if they want a job  (Amnesty bill), under the guise of  
tracking the new Immigrants.
Pervasive Cyber Censorship and Sweeping Surveillance
" - Cybersecurity,  Obama's "Internet Killswitch" and Lockdown, "for your
safety". NSA Agent Snowden's exposing PRISM: 'Back door'  Surveillance, Scan/
surveillance, again Smartphones, under the "guise" to protect you from the 'ever
evasive' Al Queada.
GeoBio Reengineering, Perversions and Eugenics - Efforts by chemical,
geo, and bio research companies, to re-engineer DNA, of all life on earth -- ultimately to
control ALL agriculture and food.  Above the law power beyond "government",  including  
efforts on patenting 'human genes', 'new' lab created 'organisms.  Bee Colony Collapse,  
pesticides, perversions of food and animal DNA using viruses=NO OVERSIGHT! We are
being sprayed like bugs... WHY?  artificially created DNA, Life?  
Pedophile and kidnapper of
over 500 children, A close   
friend of the British Royalty!!.
Army Col. Michael Aquino,
founder church of Set (Satanism),
Director of Psychological Warfare
Everywhere In YOUR Face
The 'Dark Occult'
EVERY year.  The FBI does
not track!?
800,000 go missing every year.  
The FBI does not track this, or  
Victims of Ritual Sacrifice!
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