Markets lose
manufacturing jobs since
recession onset
More American
Factories Closing 10/10
Manufacturing companies (48000+) since year
2000, have continued a mass exodus from the
U.S., often now under the  'coercive' influence
from the current administration.  This only
leaves you to question, that this is intended
to destroy the job base and economy of
America.  All business is being shut down in
the U.S.
Destruction of the middle class by:   
A Few of Many Article Sources:  
Crimes against
Gibson guitars, Ted
Small Business Administration.
Fraudulent awarding of government
contrats, to large off shore
conglomerate corps., that legally
should be bid on by small business
operating within the U.S.
Obama Proposes: Close the
Predicted, by the American
Small Business League
PATH Act? Or Other Unscrupulous fraud?
Banks lost to homeowners 'fraudulent'
foreclosures, will this allow  bankers to
take any property now?  Rumours of
"UNAgenda 21" could be part of this?.
Fraud, Abuse in Small
Business to End Now,
Government awards
small business contracts
to large companies 5/13
Obama to Dismantle
Small  Business
Administration, Increase
Foreign Aid. 12/12
"There will be NO new or increase in taxes."  
says Obama Reality:  Increase in Social
Security tax, new investment/retirement tax,
Internet tax, tax on bank deposts, Obamacare
'mandated' insurance or penalty tax, yearly
increasing.  Does the confiscation of
retirement accounts around the nation count?
Or bailouts of the insurance companies
cancelling client contracts?
Continued Inflation by QE3 10/13 Federal
Reserve fiat printing of 85 billion, per month,
now currently $75 billion or $45 billion? in
bailouts to 'globalist banks', congress?  The
search for the actual amount is incredibly 'non
obvious' as is was actually stated up front in
2013.  The people not privy to 'who' is  really
receiving it.  Trillions have been magically
transferred, but it is a debt on the U.S.
Obama/Romney -Mum  
New Investment Tax
Slated for 2013 7/12
Report: Obamacare
Already Making
Insurance Prices Double
(Source) (Source)
Corporations Don’t Pay
Taxes, People Pay Taxes
Tax Exemption status for many corporate
conglomerates like Facebook (NSA), Google
(NSA),  Microsoft, Intel, many others.., also since
many U.S. corporations have moved their whole
organizations off shore but still get benefits,
government contracts but pay next to no taxes,
as well as being EXEMPT from Obamacare.
Federal Reserve's Money
Printing Failure
How QE3 Will Make
Wealthy Standards Fall For
The Rest 9/12 Michael  
How Obama Plans to
Raise Taxes by $1.1
Obama Plans to
Retirement Accounts
Offshore Corporate Tax
Havens: Why Are They
Still Allowed?
Coca-Cola, Oracle, Intel
Use Cayman Islands to
Avoid U.S. Taxes
How Google Pays Next
To Nothing In Taxes
Mark Zuckerberg will
pay less tax than
you,worth around $28
billion. But he won't
have to pay any tax
02.09.12 Tim Redmond
Disclaimer: This is an extremely limited list of information revealing the
'Assassination HIT" on the 'American Economy' began long before Obama.  
A 'Diabolical' part of Americas Demise:
U.N. Agenda 21
/30  EXPLAINED, (watch on youtube)
Inside Job, (DVD)
Matt Damon, narrates
An in depth expose' of
worldwide criminal fraud,
theft!  No one goes to jail!   
The Economic Collapse        
Are You Prepared For The Coming
Economic Collapse And The Next
Great Depression?
Michael Snyder, prior attorney in
D.C.,  best known for Econimic
Collapse Blog.
The Economic Collapse blog
Infinite quantitative easing
(QE3) now initiated; the final
blowout has begun
Insurers See Double-Digit
Obamacare Price Rises in
Many States Next Year
Friday, 21 Mar 2014  (Source)
Obama's No New Taxes
Pledge 'Pre-meditated
Feb 08 2011 David A. Patten
Government confiscation of 'your'
bank account? FED Chairman Ben
Bernacke already talking about it in
congressional hearings. This following
the Cyprus Confiscaton 'Bail Ins', first
15-20% now 47.5%
(7/29/13) .
ALERT: All Of The Money In
Your Bank Account Could
Disappear In A Single
Prisoners: America's New
Cheap Labor (ALEC
Youtube (Source)
Prison labor booms in US
as low-cost inmates bring
Russian Leader Warns, US
governments plan confiscate
up to 30% of the Americans
people bank accounts
(Youtube Source)
Privatized prison of the U.S. profiteering
on  human slavery. Corporate private  
prison labor for profit and lobbying for
harsh  crime and pro  drug-war legislation
to create more cheap  workers for  
corporate America. Cenk Uygur and Ana  
Kasparian discuss.
Private Prisons: The More
Americans Behind Bars
The More Money They
The Web of Debt
Karen Hodgson Brown J.D.
History of money and control,
who is behind the History of  
money, this is an 'inside job!?'
DOJ Advises Gibson
By: Howe, 8/11
Exposing the "Financial Assassination HIT" on the US Economy  
Gereld Celente,
Trends Research &
(click to go to)
'Inside View' of 2008 World Economic Plundering, still important....
The Creature from Jekyll
A Second Look at the Federal
Reserve  by
G.Edward Griffin
Who controls the money? The  
private globalist bankers, and...
Bank of Cyprus depositors
lose 47.5% of savings Cyprus'
largest bank will lose 47.5%  
of savings ^100,000 euros
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New House Bill Wipes
Mortgage Fraud Clean For
Banksters, HFSC Act
"PATH", Agenda 21
Lynch Votes Against Bill to
End the Affordable 30-Year
(Source )
New House Bill Wipes
Mortgage Fraud Clean For
Banksters Susanne Posel
There is 'Good' in Humanity, we must bring it forth .   No more Apathy!
We must find our 'Care' and Empathy...
UNDERSTAND, the 'architects of control' are at war to crush this in you!
Two Pa. Judges Accused
of Jailing 100's of Kids for
Two Pennsylvania Judges
Accused Of Jailing Kids
For $Millions In Kickbacks
Engineered Economic Implosion  - Manufacturing corps leaving the US -
Small Business Opression
-  Obamacare - Internet/ IRS  Increase taxation -   QE3
- Tax Exemptions for Mega Corps  -   Confiscation of part or all of American's
bank accounts
-  Privatized prison profiteering
Media Blackout of Truth of Journalists & Whistleblowers    - NSA
Agent, and military whistleblowers, and journalists killed or imprisoned by current
Administration.  The war against whistleblowers is more intense than ever  before in
Destruction of the Second Amendment: Gun control focus through
'registration', background checks and psyche review are ploys to disarm and confiscate
all guns in America. Eric Holder, Diane Feinstein, Joe Biden, and Obama have said it!.  
Don't be fooled the 'goal' is complete confiscation, since 1951
Mass Media Psychological Warfare -Mass Media Psychological Warfare -
'right-left' Hegelian Dialectic polarized paradigm - Problem-Reaction-Solution 'false
flag' operations - barrage of fear tactics - 'crazy making' mind control - Hollywood
mind control, programming, and brainwashing
DHS: Arming Against America, the Terrorist!  DHS/FBI Americans are
the 'new' terrorists. Huge gear up for 'Civil Unrest.' False Flags: Fast & Furious
(confiscate arms), the focus on Al Queda (CIA) 'war terrorists' keeps us outwardly
focused while a
'Police State' is rising up around us.
Amnesty Bill / Bio-Metric ID Card - Amnesty for more than 50 million illegal
immigrants at a cost of
$6.3 trillion or more - Secret Bio-metirc ID Card  (finger prints, Iris
scan, vein map, etc.) for all  Americans, if they want a job  (Amnesty bill), under the guise
of  tracking the new Immigrants.
Pervasive Cyber Censorship and Sweeping Surveillance "State"
- Cybersecurity,  Obama's "Internet Killswitch" and Lockdown, "for your safety". NSA
Agent Snowden's exposing PRISM: 'Back door'  Surveillance, Scan/ surveillance, again
Smartphones, under the "guise" to protect you from the 'ever evasive' Al Queada.
GeoBio Reengineering, Perversions and Eugenics - Efforts by chemical,
geo, and bio research companies, to re-engineer DNA, of all life on earth -- ultimately to
control ALL agriculture and food.  Above the law power beyond "government",  including  
efforts on patenting 'human genes', 'new' lab created 'organisms.  Bee Colony Collapse,  
pesticides, perversions of food and animal DNA using viruses=NO OVERSIGHT! We are
being sprayed like bugs... WHY?  artificially created DNA, Life?  
The 'Smell of He??', A 'Police State' Tyranny!
'Hell' IS on our Horizon?  The U.S. has long been under subversive
control of an 'old' Rothchild's mobocracy since "The Fed" was
born in the U.S. of America.  Imminent  plans are NOW implemented
affecting every aspect of American's  lives.
Engineered Economic Implosion & Devastation
Manufacturing corps (48,000+) deserting the US, while small businesses are
over regulated and over taxed.  "Mega" Corps are tax Exempt, and welfare
is doled out to millions
+ of illegals. $2 BILLION was just paid to US Tech
companies to hire 'non Americans'
... 'foreigners'!.  Then, 'Affordable
Healthcare Act', is UNAFFORDABLE'
, especially, if you work, and enforces a
"penalty tax".
 The majority of homeless are 'WHITE' Americans.  I see it
WHAT? While bailouts continue for banks! , And don't forget
the 'slavery biz' of privatized prison profiteering!
We can stop THIS... choose to SEE with 'care and empathy'.
News that should be 'In Your Face', affecting every area of life.
The Sinister Plan for the Manufactured Economic Implosion  
Click button images for other newz pages.  
Mass exodus of manufacturing:  
Act to protect banks in 'fraudulent'
foreclosure, take any property?:
Small Business Administration
Fraud, Abuse ?Shutdown:
Taxes, taxes, fees, more taxes
and tax penalties!
Federal Reserve theft of trillions &  
trillions of bankster bailouts:
TAX Exemptions for the BIGGEST
corporate conglomerates:
Slave labor in the U.S: Profiteering
privatized corporate run prisons!
Confiscation of U.S. bank account
just like in Cyprus, Italy,...:
Illegals welfare to Amnesty siphoning
off Americas wealth and jobs.
News now 'in your face' assault on America's and your economic and financial stability!
Federal Prison Population Grows 27 Percent in 10 Years
The Washington Free Beacon, Rennett Stowe, December 7, 2013
The number of federal prison inmates has grown 27 percent in the last decade,
according the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  In a report examining the
Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) budget, the GAO found that prison population is
The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is responsible for
the custody and care of over 219,000 federal inmates—a population that has grown
by 27 percent over the past decade. BOP is offices (previously called community
corrections offices), and a central office in Washington, D.C. With a fiscal year 2013
operating budget of about $6.5 billion—the second-largest budget within DOJ—
BOP projects that its costs will increase as the federal prison population grows
through 2018. […]
(continue article)
Detroit ruling opens door to pension cuts across the nation
By Alana Semuels  December 7, 2013
A bankruptcy judge's ruling that Detroit's pension funds — like its other creditors
— can take a hit might lead other financially troubled cities down the same path,
For 34 years, Gwendolyn Beasley worked as a clerk at the Detroit Public Library and
paid a portion of her salary into a fund that would someday help pay for her
pension.  Now retired, Beasley, 67, receives $1,500 a month from that pension
(continued article)
15 Signs We Are Near The
Peak Of An Absolutely Massive
Stock Market Bubble
By Michael Snyder, Dec 1, 2013   
(continue article)
Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The
REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing   By Michael Snyder,
on November 12th, 2013
A banker named Andrew Huszar that helped manage the Federal
Reserve's quantitative easing program during 2009 and 2010 is
publicly apologizing for what he has done.  He says that
quantitative easing has accomplished next to nothing for the
average person on the street.  Instead, he says that it has been "the
greatest back door Wall Street bailout of all time." And of course the
cold, hard economic numbers support what Huszar is saying.
(continue article)
Why Another Great Real Estate Crash Is Coming
By Michael Snyder, on August 1st, 2013
There are very few segments of the U.S. economy that are more heavily
affected by interest rates than the real estate market is.  When mortgage
rates reached all-time low levels late last year, it fueled a little "mini-bubble"
in housing which was greatly celebrated by the mainstream media.  
(continued article)
How Big Banks Can Steal
Your Home From You
Even If Your Mortgage Is
Totally Paid Off
Mass Immigration Harms
American Workers
December 6, 2013,Dan Stein
Amnesty Theft of America: illegals are
siphoning of massive wealth from America
through free welfare, healthcare, benefits,
voting rights, receive tuition assistance for at
least 20-30 (50)  milllion, plan designed by
Cloward & Piven now  Obama's goal of
gutting America.  Corporate sharks now fire
Americans in support of Amnesty and cheap
labor.  Now in 2014 they are pouring across
the border and are being given bus tickets
anywere they want tin the U.S.
Illegal Immigrants
Demand Free Obamacare
Healthcare  Mar 30, 2013
(youtube video)
What Will Amnesty Cost
DeMint & Rector,
May 06, 2013  
by admin on 17 Jan 2014
Bonds Weekly: Fed Pares
Monthly QE to $45 Bil      
May 6, 2014
iFAST Research Team
Deposits Negative interest rates coming to USA, Economist: U.S.
Banks Preparing to Charge Customers For Deposits
by Paul Joseph Watson | June 6, 2014
In the week that the European Central Bank cut its deposit rate for banks from zero
to -0.1%, economist Martin Armstrong warns that negative interest rates are
coming to the United States, meaning that Americans will be forced to pay just to
keep their money in the bank.  
(read more)
ObamaCare: Hundreds of Billions In Taxes and A Trail of Dead: Don't
expect solutions to come from the government or the corporate
health care industry.              by Rob Dew | | May 19, 2014
Recently the Daily Caller reported new taxes coming online that will burden state
government Medicaid programs to the tune of $37 billion over the next decade. States
are now scrambling to keep their Medicare and Medicaid programs “actuarially sound”
to keep them compliant with 1997 Federal Law that requires them to remain free of
(read more)
IRS: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid with Tax Return
John Kartch Americans For Tax Reform February 26, 2014
President Obama’s Internal Revenue Service today quietly released a series of Obamacare
“Health Care Tax Tips” warning Americans that they must obtain “qualifying” health
insurance – as defined by the federal government – or face a “shared responsibility
payment” when filing their tax returns in 2015. The term “shared responsibility payment”
refers to the Obamacare individual mandate tax, one of at least seven tax hikes in the
healthcare law that directly hit families making less than $250,000 per year.
Obama Administration Makes Attempt to Seize Millions of Acres Across America
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 3:50 pm | By Caitlin Blaney
Republicans in Congress have recently become more vocal against some of the irrational policies of the
Obama Administration, and Senator Jim DeMint (R – SC) is no exception. His op-ed appeared in the
Washington Times on Tuesday calling for the White House to stop the incessant land-grabs across the
nation. Senator DeMint argues that, aside from bringing large areas of land under federal control for no
apparent reason, the land-grab actually takes potential jobs out of the market.  
 (read more)
April 19, 2014 by Jazz Shaw It’s going to sound as if this story is some sort of reflexive reaction to
the showdown at the Bundy ranch, but it’s apparently been in the works for a while. A number of
officials from nine different states got together to discuss ways to retake control of poorly managed
federal lands. One can only imagine the kind of firestorm this is going to kick off in DC if it moves
(read more)
733 Companies, Unions and other Groups with
2,189,636 Workers Now Exempt From Obamacare   
by Mark on January 29, 2011
If Obamacare is supposed to be such a great thing for America,
why are so many companies and various organizations being
granted exemptions? Why do so many of those who have sought
the exemptions — like unions, for example — just happen to be
supporters of Obama and liberal democratic policies? Could it be
that liberals just love to make laws for everyone else, love to make
everyone else but themselves pay?
(read more)
Over Two Thirds Of Corporations Pay No Federal Income Tax
April 12, 2012   W. E. Messamore
The traditional partisan debate over whether to raise or cut taxes– especially for
high-income earners– ignores an independent solution that should at least be
tolerable to both sides: make the high-income earners– especially corporations–
pay their taxes in the first place.
Democrats would be happy to see the extra tax revenue coming from the 1%
and Republicans should be willing to admit that even if they shouldn’t pay
more, corporations should at least be paying as much in taxes as working poor
and middle class Americans are. But thanks to a complicated tax code full of so
many lobbied-for loopholes, many corporations pay no federal corporate
income tax at all, and some even get money back from the government to the
tune of millions of dollars.
 (read more)
Many companies pay no
income taxes, study
By Charles Riley
@CNNMoney November 3,
5.6M Small Businesses Blindsided By Obamacare  
Holly Magister Entrepreneurs 4/30/2014
Since 2010, much of the conversation for small business owners regarding
Obamacare has been about how healthcare reform will or will not apply to
their business.  
...According to Jerry Bonenberger of Babb Insurance in Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania, “small employer groups with less than 50 full-time employees are
experiencing an extraordinary increase in their insurance premiums for 2015.  
In one case, a professional services firm with 42 full-time employees received
an 87% increase in their premiums for next year.”
If Obamacare Doesn’t Apply, What’s Driving the Rate Increase? (read more)
Obama Admin: Two Thirds of Small Businesses to See Premiums
Spike Under Obamacare
Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord on March 2, 2014
WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner released the following statement in
response to a previously unpublicized report from the non-partisan Office of the Chief
Actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the impact of
Obamacare on employer-sponsored health care.  CMS finds that two-thirds of
Americans who work at small businesses will see premiums increase under Obamacare,
amounting to higher premiums for 11 million people. The report can be found here.
“The Obama administration has finally been forced to disclose what we’ve long feared:
the president’s health care law means higher premiums for millions of American
workers. For all the promises of lower costs for small businesses
 (read more)
Breaking: Scores of Illegals Dropped at AZ Bus Stations …(Obama Flying Illegals from TX to AZ!)   
by Jim Hoft May 29, 2014,
Migrants are released from ICE custody at a Greyhound Bus station in Phoenix May 28, 2014. The Border Patrol says about 400 migrants were
flown from Texas to Arizona because of surge in migrants being apprehended in Texas. This group was from Texas and Georgia.
Paul Gosar: Investigate Feds' Dumping of Illegal Immigrants at AZ Bus Stations
Caroline May 3 Jun 2014
Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar wants the House Oversight Committee to open an investigation into the Obama administration moving detained illegal
immigrants from south Texas to bus stations in Arizona.  ...· What measures are being taken to account for an estimated 60,000 illegal immigrant children who will
cross the U.S. border? ..
Groups Pushing for Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants    March 18th 2014, Jim Forsyth
A key issue which will come before next year's session of the Texas Legislature, and an issue which is certain to be controversial, is a proposal which will be
introduced to grant drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, 1200 WOAI news has learned.
Several lawmakers have already agreed to introduce the measure.
Supporters say there are several advantages to citizens to granting undocumented immigrants the right to apply for, and receive, Texas Drivers Licenses.
US Corporations Dump Dollar for Chinese Renminbi to Buy Imports  June 5, 2014 Eric Blair Activist Post
The U.S. dollar is being increasingly dropped as the currency for settling international trade. But perhaps the latest trend provides the most
startling evidence yet that the dollar is doomed as the world reserve currency.
The Financial Times reported today that U.S. corporations are using the Chinese renminbi to buy imports over three times more than they
had the previous year:
 (Source)        This is not good for America!
Catherine New 12/12