This website is a 'compilation and commentary' for my vast research, sparked by an
investigation into the 2008 Wall Street theft of the world, orchestrated by this
'globalist criminal cabal'.   Surprise!  This search  instead revealed an insidious
'domination and world takeover' scheme.  This 'scheme' has come to light  by a
magnificent tool of technology.  The INTERNET.  Through this vehicle of 'sharing',
rose an unforeseen and accidental coming together of many in search for truth and
understanding, just like me.  The  
WORLD WIDE WEB!  (click) My efforts would have
certainly been much more difficult  and time consuming without this great  wealth of
information.  Humanity has NEVER had such a
powerful tool to see and expose the
'who, what, and how' of this diabolical plan.  I have come to realize as others, the
Internet is  the 21st Century
'LIBARY OF ALEXANDRIA'. (click)  We must take  
advantage of this 'great wealth of knowledge' while it is available!  Be WARNED, the
malevolent cabal of darkness  is moving very fast to infiltrate, corrupt and  censor
and 'snuff out' our access to  truth.  HAPPENING NOW.  They intend to  bring a 'Dark
Age'  again.  It is said, 'Ignorance' is the true 'Root   of 'Evil', and "The people parish
with out true 'knowledge'".

Most don't seem to 'see' the tyrannical
'POLICE STATE' (click) percolating quickly
throughout the U.S.  Why do you think the
OF 'MAINSTREAM MEDIA''  (click) (Newspapers, radio, TV, movies, Hollywood,
"News", social platforms ( Facebook, Google, youtube, twitter) does not want you to
read, watch or listen to alternative media?  They warn you often.  Remember in
'Wizard of Oz', don't look at the guy behind the curtain?  Remember? It's  difficult for
criminals to 'execute' their crimes without cover  of darkness, when there are eyes  
everywhere.  Remember, Jesus said, "
all that is hidden, will be revealed.  We need
'ears' to hear, and 'eyes' to see."
 We need to applause the truth seekers for helping  
to uncover the vast roots of injustice, parasitism, and debauchery seeping up
through the cracks all around.

I liken the
INTERNET, TO THE 'ORACLE' (click) in 'The Matrix' movie.  The Internet
holds vast amounts of information, but like the Oracle says in the movie, "you just
have to make up  your own damn mind, whether I'm telling you the truth or not".  
Her most important advice for Neo is, "Know Thyself".  Again, "Know Thyself".  
Partake in the truth that is being hidden   or oppressed, it is here for the discerning
mind, "if you will but seek, you will find!"  Arm yourselves  with knowledge!

Assembling the diverse puzzle pieces discloses a 'picture' of dire importance for all
of  us to see.  If you open your mind to the truth of 'world society', you'll realize, we
truly live in a 'matrix' of enslavement.   Remember though, no one has the whole
truth, especially when the powerful  military industrial complex blankets masses of
'secrets' under  the
'NATIONAL SECURITY ACT OF 1947'. (click) The  Council of
Foreign Relations
(CFR) (click)was tantamount in creating massive intelligence
(click) as well as, other collaborating private  corporate     
COVERTLY (click) operate  worldwide  - against  humanity.  How convenient, they can
hide ANYTHING now -  but we ourselves are under surveillance on every front.  

This is why we MUST take advantage of the magnificent informational  database
before us and work together to put the pieces together and take action to...  "TAKE
We DON'T have much time...
Have you ever asked yourself 'who or what' is behind the horrific evil that seems to
raise its monstrous head that wreaks war after war, torture, invasions and famine
and so much suffering in our past world history.  In our technologically advanced
societies, doesn't it seem we should be far beyond 90% poverty and famine, and
constant multiple wars or threat of war?  

Through my vast years of research there is a secretly subversive mob cabal or

"PSYCHOPATHS". (click) History from our standpoint seems to
replay, 'different time, different channel', over and over the same behaviors of no
conscience, no care, or no empathy, most often just a ravenous appetite for death,
suffering, control, power and wealth, -- promoted under the guise of safety, care,
or some 'so called' enemy threat.

There is an alarmingly increasing enveloping darkness gaining ground throughout
the world today.  If! you are paying attention, you are seeing an oppressive tyranny
raising it's psychopathic  head, especially, now in "White" European, American and
African countries.  While you still can, research for yourself.  You will have to
acknowledge there is a malevolent, vile and dark agenda  for humanity, nature and
our planet.  The goal planned, is a necrotic decimation a, non-human or post  
human, robotic universe -- A NO life...     
''BORG'' (click) life.  Get ready!
Helz Horizen? (goto page)
  • Current and in your face agenda on the horizon for the people of America and the World?  
  • The propaganda press-titute megacorp owned mainstream media, demonizing the 'real truth' and
    'whistleblower's' on every front - oppressive censorship is increasing across the globe.
  • 'Bills' moving through Congress, Executive Orders, or agendas of the 'corpobankster authoritarian' shadow
    government, and secrets you aren't being told, but NEED to know.
  • Gun confiscation, Biometric ID card, illegal-immigrant Amnesty, destruction of American economy,
  • Monsanto, Bio-Engineering, Patent's of Human Gene testing, Bee Colony Collapses, Pesticides, Autism...
  • Vaccines, Microchips, Cell phones, WIFI, Auto Black Box,  HAARP, Chemtrails?  What may these all have in
Dems or Reps?  (goto page) (not what you think)
  • Vipers, serpents (reptilians), demons or just 'psychopaths' (yes, sociopaths too) among us, and the horrors       
    that 'psychopaths' are wreaking on the masses.  Those in control are 'psychopaths'.  They have duped most
    into thinking that psychopaths are only like those in the movies, 'Jason', Freddy Krueger, or serial killers like
    'Ted Bundy'.
  • They seek power, money, control, have no conscience or empathy and feed on others suffering.
  • What kind of human are you if you, are a pedophile, harm children, run massive sex and human slavery
    trafficking of children and women, horrific slave lab or practices, and corporate profit prison slave systems -
    no care, no conscience?  Psychopaths!
  • Deep dark hell of human and sex trafficking, pedophilia, and more... we have to acknowledge it to stop it.  
Psyche Warfare  (goto page)
  • Most people have no idea the extent of psychological warfare oppressing the American people.  It's like
    computer viruses attacking constantly on every psychological level.  
  • Longtime covert plan to subvert the cohesion of society, through destruction of family, relationships, racism,
    religion, economic destabilization, dumbing down of education and news media...etc.
  • The mega 4-5 corporate conglomerate owned media 'systems' proclaim an 'enemy everywhere' attack by TV,
    movies, info-tainment called news, drugs, culture, and EMF bombardment by HAARP, all play a part in the
    constant barrage on  the average person.
  • Widespread fear of the 'fake boogey man' haunts us, but most are kept in the dark of the news people needto
    know to survive as healthy and whole beings.
Geo-Biological  Reengineering Perversons (goto page)
All life on planet earth is being assaulted by air, water, and it's ability to sustain itself, by:
  • Humanity, animals, and the environment are barraged by DNA and health damaging GMO's (genetically
    modified organisms) with virally embedded DNA with baked in pesticides, and toxins to be consumed by  
    humans, animals and insects, all under the guise of feeding the hungry, yet in truth their insidious intention
    is to control all agriculture and all food.
  • Geo-Engineering aka "chemtrails" are being sprayed, since 1950's, a worldwide air assault : nano particles    
    aluminum, barium, and strontium, as well as, human blood cells, viruses and other undefined particles.  
    Again under a guise to reverse their created 'Global Warming', with Weather Warfare for... The Collapse     
    of Civilization!
  • The 'Disease Management System' disguised as 'healthcare' now destroys the health of most people
enmeshed in it by Big Pharma drugs and the 'chop shop' surgery.  All natural cures for disease are
suppressed or seized.     
  • Vaccines have proliferated to treat 'anything'.  Multiple vaccines are forced on pregnant women, babies,
and young children.  They are laced with very toxic mercury, aluminum, viral DNA from pigs, dogs and ...?
  • What could this be doing to our DNA? Brain damage for one!  Are we being terra-formed?
Summary Topics on Site Pages
Recognize  the 'assault' on all fronts!
Good Newz!  (goto page)
  • The good newz is 'humanity', YOU!  Care! Bring back care and concern for your fellowman, be it those
    suffering in your country or another.  
  • Once we learn to see through the 'matrix manipulations' of Divide and Conquer, False Flag operations of   
    Problem - 'Panic' Reaction - their 'Solution' tactics, and the Hegelian Dialectic "if your not with us,  you are
    against us."
  • As we are being attacked and assaulted on all fronts, more and more people around the world are waking
    up, fighting back, standing up, and saying 'NO' to the 'mega corpofascist globalist  authoritarian'
    psychopaths, guilty of criminal theft, fraud, and coercion; the premeditated spread of disease, poison and
    cancer in pesticides,GMO's, processed foods,  and Big Pharma drugs and Disease Management System,
    often resulting in mass murder.  Our own 'government' loosely: IMF Lawyers, NSA Whistle blower, IRS
    whistle blowers, Benghazi whistleblowars and more are being imprisoned more than any president has ever
    'assassinated, incarcerated or shut down a whistleblower.   This alone is tantamount.  
  • And, there are many more of us, 90-95 % more of us then there are of 'them'!  
Psychological warfare on the mind and non-lethal weaponry
Vipers of world control the banksters
Bioengineering and perversions of plant to animal to Human DNA
Let This 'Cup' Pass
Better yet! Pass 'the Cup' back!
UN Agenda 21
United Nations Agenda 21  (goto page)
  • UN AGENDA 21      Bill Clinton signed the U.S. on to this U.N. enslavement plan in 1992.
  • Recognizable UN Agenda 21 terms: 'Smartgrowth', 'Smartgrid', 'Sustainable Developement', 'Think
    Globally, Act Locally', 'Communitarianism', 'Global Warming', now 'Climate Change', 'carbon taxes',
  • (I.C.L.E.I.) the non-governmental International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives' subverting local
    government through a 'bureaucratic' takeover operating as Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches
    as tyranny without oversight.  The new 'operative' to take over local government!
  • UN Agenda 21, this could be the All New and Shiny"VERBOSE & POLISHED" 10 Planks of Communism?   

Have you heard of Global Warming?  Carbon Credits? Carbon Pollution? Smart Cities?
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'Evil Plot' of Plunder  (goto page)
  • The 'Plot' to plunder has been underway for at least 150 years, (this time around).  Many authors with true
    insight and 'eye witness' access into this plan have published literature for all to read and research.
  • This plot is tied to directly to the secret societies and hidden knowledge.  Mainstream media has
    brainwashed many into believing this is 'conspiracy theory' or that they are benign societies where the  
    'good ole boys' drink and play games.  There are the 'do gooders' and the ethical that join, yet are  
    always filtered to stay in lower ranks, while the UN-ethical float their way to the top, 'top  secret' levels  
    of the pyramid.  Then operate like 'wolves in sheep's clothing".   This is how so much corruption  has
    percolated from the depths to the heights of all organizations and government.  
  • Depression, and the more impressive encore presentation, the "2008 Wall Street Plunder" of the World's   
    Economy.  These and many other subversive 'omens' reflect a step by step take over of every 'resource'
    on the planet, including YOU!
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Our future course,
must change!
Find out now.
Click Clock.
  • Kill at least 95% of all humanity and life (destroying the planet along the way)
  • Gain absolute control: track, monitor, and 'usurp' all resources on the planet including you!
  • Surviving 5% or less of humanity will become borg-type synthetic SLAVE robots
  • 'Psychopathic technocrats' plan to be 'Immortal Robots' ruling the planet forever
          (No kidding.  If you research it, you will see it for yourself.)
Crash Course Overview:  The Psychopathic Techncrats NWO goals in a 'Nutshell'.
...Post Humanism...Transhumanism or ... the end of Humanity?
Our future course,
must change! How?
Find out now.
Click here for details.
The 'Real' Matrix You (We) Are In   (goto page)
  • You may feel this movie is a 'bygone', but upon research, it may truly be a manual for what we  
    are facing in so many ways...right now.  It is amazing how they saw what was/is coming?  
  • Once you begin to research and question reality, you most likely will find we are all in a 'matrix'
  • The 'desert of the real' in our world is much  more 'nightmarish' than the utter destruction of
    what Morpheus shows Neo.  It is truly not what you imagine, but does show an amazing 'simili'     
    of the a direction we are 'manipulated' toward.
  • Many symbols and images throughout the movie do reflect the Illuminati, religious, Jesus,
    gnosticism, and transhumanism?  This doesn't make it Illuminati, but more so exposing it.   
  • The controllers of The Matrix: the Merovingian, Architect, Machine City, and the  'Source', a
    swarming 'baby face' personality Neo faces are real mirrors to our societies controllers today.
  • The real 'Matrix' page will cover the trilogy and each of the aspects that reflect humanity, the
    matrix of control we are in, the controllers we see, a real renegade power play, and the real truth
    over our eyes, and no longer be the slaves we have been for so long.   
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"The Matrix" movie in many ways is real in our western society.
How can we wake up to the "Authentic 'Real"?
One way to 'see' the matrix is the fact that you are a 'corporation'.  Your "Social Security Number and
CAPITALIZED LEGAL NAME' identifies you as a 'Corporation'.  When you complete a tax return, it is your
personal 'profit and loss' statement to report to the government, also a corporation.  
Why does this matter?  Do you truly want to see behind the illusion of this "Matrix", quickly?  Read these
short handbooks to understand the fraudulent corporate (like Mc Donalds) 'statutes' we abide by  
unknowingly, unintentionally, coercively, -- fraudulently.  
The Act of 1871 made Washington DC, a corporation, (just like Walmart) and we have ALL 'unknowingly'
signed on as a fictitious 'franchise' (like Target) corporation of the government, under  
Commercial/Statutory Law.  ALL federal, state, city, county governments POLICE departments, are
Under this "law" we are unknowingly under Commercial Law or Maritime Law,
NOT under the Constitution of the United States.
"You are here, because you know something is wrong?!"