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  • Destruction of the U.S. and Worldwide economies (manufactured:  loss of jobs, catastrophe's: fire, flood, drought, war) Softkill and Hardkill
  • Genetically Modified and Processed food (little or no nutrients, cancer causing, and 'patented' terminator seeds) Softkill
  • Pesticides and poisons spewed on the environment.  (Monsanto's Round Up). Softkill
  • GeoEngineering "Chemtrails": aluminum, strontium, barium, human blood cells, synthetic biology and more.  A massive poisoning from the
    skies to MUTATE AND KILL vegetation, animals and humanity, OR worse mutate you into a non-human organism -- MORGELLON'S! ) Softkill
  • Weather Control and Mind Control with HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program)  Softkill
  • Psychological Warfare and Mind Control: the sexualizing of children, Hollywood subliminal and psychological programming, woman's lib to
    destroy and double tax family, chemical pseudo estrogen for the destruction of female and male normality and the 'psyop and physiological gay
    agenda'.  Do a search on 'sexualizing our children'... YOU will see all the information... this is psychological warfare!
  • Disease Management System called Healthcare System (Pharmaceuticals with intended side effects, Vaccines that give cancer, destroy the   
    immune and neurological systems, and gave cancer to more than one third Americans (1950-1960's) of  the United States.  Softkill and
  • War after war after war, is the blood sacrifice of our men, women and children. Hardkill   (more detail coming soon)
  • Infiltrate, destroy and take over all 'resistant' or sovereign countries  Softkill and Hardkill    (more detail coming soon)
  • Kill at least 95% of all humanity and life (destroying the planet along the way)
  • Gain absolute control: track, monitor, and 'usurp' all resources on the planet including you!
  • Surviving 5% or less of humanity will become borg-type synthetic SLAVE robots
  • 'Psychopathic technocrats' plan to be 'Immortal Robots' ruling the planet forever
             (No kidding.  If you research it, you will see it for yourself.)
Crash Course Overview:  The Psychopathic Technocrats Jewish NWO goals in a
'Nutshell'.  ...Post Humanism...Transhumanism or ... the end of Humanity?
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What 'We' can DO!
(Just a start)                                                Click underlined black & blue links for more info.

Inform yourself with knowledge:
  • Anytime you use the Internet for search, use: or  Both of these search engines will not record or track
    your searches like the 'NSA' owned Google, Yahoo or others.
  • Get to know the BASIC Constitution and YOUR UNALIENABLE RIGHTS... if you stand up for these they are yours, if you don't ... they
    will be gone!
  • Open your mind and prepared to be totally 'disillusioned' with this society as you know it.  This will help you. I promise.
  • Go to "Eye Opening Sites" page to watch, listen and read a wealth of information from many websites and Youtube channels to help
    you see more clearly of what is really going on in the world.  Start with: Infowars and PrisonPlanetTV, Reality Zone, Drudge Report to
  • Read 'Let This Cup Pass' and 'Helz Horizen' pages of this site and you will get an idea of the matrix you are in.  Then start researching
    for yourself.  Nothing on this site is made up!
  • Inform yourself for about media, TV and Hollywood propaganda bombardment.  (Psyche Warfare)      
  • Stop watching TV until you can see through the matrix of 'lies' Realize that mainstream news will not tell you 'what you need to know'.  
  • Besides the great websites and Youtube channels linked on this site, do your own search of Youtube.  There are incredible and
    informative documentaries galore to help reveal long time historical agendas in place and now coming to fruition before our very eyes.  
    Please share with your family and friends!
  • Please share this information with your family and friends, all who will listen!
Please Get Involved!
Gain total control of all resources, by surveillance and databasing every action, transaction, communication on earth.  
          (China opens a dirty coal plant every 10 seconds)  
Maintain humanity as a 'borg-type' 'robotic' slaves complete service to these psychopathic technocrats.
  • 'Microchip' all surviving humans (may be already with nanobot and vaccine implant technology), or instead, if humanity seems  too troublesome,   
    robots will replace us.  Robots are already being manufactured and used in many areas of the world: U.S. Military, China, Russia, etc.  To wrap your
    mind around this agenda, watch George Orwells "1984",  John Carpenter's "They Live", Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World",  "The Matrix",  or
    even "The Hunger Games", and many more.
  • Psych warefare & mind control through hollywood movies, it's not just science fiction. This is how we are told what they are planning by
    hiding it in plain sight  through movies and media.  (They are so very arrogant) Hollywood and Disney have been controlled by the CIA and Navy
    Intel since the late 40's.  Movies bypass your conscious mind, programming your subconscious to accept and normalize these agendas in your
    mind.  Digital TV! Now can implant subliminal messaging.  If you blank out when watching TV, you are easily suggestible and manipulatable. These
    psychopathic technocrats have "cracked" and mapped our brain.
  • Transhumanism is a real agenda, their creation of 'new life' as 'God'.  A 'simili' of the real.  A machine city?
  • Robots are here.  Will humans be 'born', 'cloned' or grown? Will there be humans or borg-bots?  Or only the "Psycho-Fascio-Techno-Elite"   
    consciousness uploaded "Immortal Robots", this of course, for the very few who will rule.  These are the psychopathic  controlling puppeteer's
    behind this New World Order agenda
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: intertwined deeply with all of the above horrors being perpetrated against humanity, as if this is not enough, there is
overwhelmingly mass evidence of
Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism, Talmudism, Illuminatism, Freemasonry, Satanism, Luciferianism,
pedophilia, human and ritual sacrifice of adults and children, worldwide human trafficking for sex and slavery, organ trafficking, torture,
humongous numbers of Satanic, Vampire, Witchcraft and torture movies, no wonder we have been 'normalized' into thinking this is 'not' real.  It's worse

I hope you have figured out these psychopaths absolutely disdain and hate humanity and all 'life'.  This is why we are being assaulting on every level of    
our being.  At best, they think of us as cattle or animals to use, consume, experiment on, and kill any way they choose.  They even call us cockroaches.    
you  are not truly in their 'circle' you are totally disposable and worth nothing to them.
 Please, time for us to wake up!

So, this site, is a monumental effort to gather, discover more, and expose the mountains of evidence which proves the above  'summarized
version' of this agenda.  I warn you, there are so many assaults against humanity and our planet right now,  I can barely keep up, please join
in, share any or all of this, take up 'your cross' to help change our course.
Financial and Debt Knowledge and Ideas:
  • Delete or limit your debt as much as possible.  Get rid of your credit cards.  
  • Use cash where ever and when ever you can.
  • Move your accounts to a Credit Union.  Leave the big banking structures.
  • Please be aware that they are from behind the scenes 'draining' retirement funds, and also intending to directly take money from your
    bank accounts.  Do a search on the Internet and you will find countries have already begun this.  Cyprus, Italy soon others.  Ben  
    Bernacke (now Yellen)  and our congress has already had hearings on this very subject.  
  • Think about what you can stock up to trade with (ideas)? Seeds? Alcohol? Meds? Cigarettes? Basic supplies.
Health and Wellbeing is Pertinent:
  • Stop eating Genetically Modified food (look at the produce PLU#:  9000 = Organic, 4000 =Conventional (uses pesticides but non-GMO),
    8000 = GMO (Genetically Modified),  3000 = Jury is out (New, not quite sure with research so far).  Hell No GMO!
  • Please do not eat MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup (cane sugar, invert sugar), Aspartame or Sucrose - toxins....
  • Stop eating out, especially Fast Food.
  • Eat Organic if possible.
  • Research:  basic supplements because the food today is devoid of many nutrients: North Atlantic Kelp for Iodine (Important), Chorella
    and Spirulina, Pro Biotics, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega 3, B Vitamins, Magnesium... research!,,
    iHealthtube channel (also on 'Eye Opening Sites' page) for much more information.  
  • Iodine (kelp) to help your thyroid handle the increased radiation from Fukushima and the wireless radiation almost everywhere.
  • Only eat seafood out of the Atlantic.  The Pacific Ocean is poisoned with radiation.
  • Research the side effects and ingredients of vaccines. You will find they contain heavy toxins and viruses, in some lethal side effects.  
    Hopefully you will realize you need to stop taking and accepting vaccines for yourself or family.  They ARE NOT the lawfully requred, but  
    if you truly know what they do, you will say so what!
  • Study and research any pharmaceuticals for side effects you are prescribed - there are always dangerous side effects and most doctors  
    do not tell you what they are.  Approximately 250,000 people die per year from the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.  Why don't   
    you hear about this on the news? Less than 7,000 die per year of 'guns', most of them gang and drug related, yet they are trying to  
    take everyone's right to defend themselves.  Innocents Betrayed
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your family if you have one and try to inform and help your friends.
  • Get rid of all WIFI as much as you can.  Smart Meters, Wireless Internet, Wireless home phone, and use your cell phone as little as
    possible.   It is harming your health every minute of the day... "unwinding" your very DNA.  RADIATION DANGERS  SMARTMETERS
  • Be aware of being tracked and under surveillance  practically all the time.
  • Give the most minimal personal information at all times.  Only give your SS# if absolutely required.  Be smart and say 'NO', most
    corporations and businesses need much less information than they ask for.  Why do they need a phone number, zip code, or birthday?  
    Drop out of 'Food' clubs or 'Store Reward' clubs, they database everything on you building a profile that will predict every behavior
    you have, what you think... EVERYTHING...
Preparation for the Future:
  • Stock up food, at least a month or more....snacks, healthy high calorie (nuts, health bars) , long storage foods
  • Cooking source, heating source, utensils, knives, salt, pepper, matches, and stock up on propane or fuel for cooking and staying warm
  • Stock up on water, make sure you have a filtered or clean water source.  Remember, you can not live without water for more than 3   
    days max! Hint: get a good water filter.
  • Store supplements, these can increase or extend your health during rough and limited food periods.  Research for yourself.  
  • Can you stay in your home, will you have to leave?  Plan ahead, only you know.
  • Think about how you will defend yourself, I would suggest purchasing a firearm if you don't have one already...self defense.
  • Clothes, tent, food, stove, cooking, basic first aid and medical, warmth, protection and self defense
  • Will you be in a cold environment or hot? Prepare. Prepare.  Prepare.
Final Notes: The above list is minimal, gathered from research of many websites out there with experienced professionals, researched
information for  disaster prep, long storage food, and much more.  Try to make this an adventure, educate your children with knowledge with
out fear, and try to make it fun form them.  It is truly a 'smart' decision to prepare for the future, regardless.   Please go to
'Eye Opening' Sites
on this website, search other websites and books  for sources to assist in your preparation.  I will try to add more sources for help in the
preparation area.